247: Review – August

Review 2012


We Can’t Go Home Again by Max Dubinsky
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (In Progress)
Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs

Shipping News
Batman Forever
Ice Age 3: Dawn of The Dinosaurs
The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (just the end as I hadn’t seen it before)
Raising Helen

Milton Keynes

The Month in Bullets

  • Our Sidekick starts Upper School in September. I’ve been doing my best to get everything sorted. I am a bit concerned stuff won’t be ready but hopefully we’ll get there in the end.
  • At the beginning of August I helped Hels with her Baby Shower – I had meant to take pictures but I had issues with my phone that weekend (after I dropped it!). Baby is due at any moment which is super exciting!
  • It was a big Birthday for my Mum this year so we had a party – I had the day off work and spent like 14 hours at my Mum’s house either setting up for the party, being at the party or helping tidy up from the party. I had a lovely time apart from my headache. It was lovely to work on a project with my Mum, I think if we were to work together on a longer term basis we might get on each others nerves on our bad days but hopefully our good days would balance them out and it would be awesome.
  • We went to a picnic along the river to celebrate two of my friends birthdays. There were various jokes about how old people were getting. I still think that age is just a number after a certain point – when you look at mine and Chris’s friendship group the majority of our friends were in Middle/Secondary School by the time we were in nappies lol.
  • I had my Mid-Year Review at work – it wasn’t so good but I am determined to get it fixed!!
  • For August, My Mum had been super busy running her own business so I ended up helping her with bits and pieces – mainly answering the phone and data entry but hopefully it helped a bunch.
  • I went to Park Run twice. My average time is probably around the 53 minute mark with my personal best being 51 minutes. I think as it cools down a bit I might do better because the heat won’t be so unbearable also running with AndyL seems to make a difference because he bullies me into running – like a good bullying rather than a bad bullying. I think also my competitive streak comes out (if I have one!) and that helps me to want to keep going – especially when I see JenJen at the finish line and as I get closer I can hear her cheering me on. I think in comparison to the other runners there’s like a 20 minute gap but I want to make that smaller – whether that takes a few weeks or a few months I want to make it smaller. I will get there!
  • I “invested” in a Kinect Sensor for the XBox so that I can play the game that Chris bought me weeks ago. I’ve had a couple of goes and found that I’m quite good at Tai Chi – that’s good for days where I’m relaxing more than working out and then Cardio stuff when I want to push myself some more – I think it is making a difference but I guess only time will tell.
  • On Bank Holiday Monday, Our Sidekick and I went to see Brave. I made a little friend in the cinema – she was sat two seats away from us. Her Mum popped out to buy popcorn and my Little Friend got in a state and started to cry, I moved along a few seats and chatted to her to keep her occupied then we watched the trailers together while waiting for Our Sidekick and her Mum to reappear. Following that we grabbed some lunch and then went to Grafham Water for a walk. We started at 3:15 at Mander Park and finally got back at about 7:15pm although it did spit a bit the main rain held off until we got home and then the heavens opened.


  1. Annika says:

    I just realized that you and your guy are foster parents. Even though I am in my mid-thirties, I could not imagine doing such a “grown-up” thing myself! You are great!

    • Hannah says:

      It’s the most scariest but rewarding thing ever! Before becoming Foster Parents it had always been to me a “how to be a parent if we can’t do things naturally”. Then Our Sidekick was in need and he came to stay with us for two weeks that became almost a year lol. About three weeks in me and Chris were away on holiday – it was booked before Our Sidekick came to stay with us and with the permission of Social Services he stayed with my parents (foster grandparents are awesome too!) and while we were away all we kept saying was “We’ve got to bring Our Sidekick to see this” “and that” “and the other” and it went on all week. And all week we missed him something crazy lol.

      I think that was when I knew that even if it was hard (and it has been/will be) him being will us is so much better for him. He’s grown as a person, he’s got fears that ingrained in him but he’s got more confidence which is the awesome thing. He’ll tell you when he’s upset now rather than just bottling it up and exploding.

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