249: Wednesday aka First Day Back

This morning I woke up at something around 7:30. Completely unlike me but then I heard the computer downstairs boot up. Good Morning World!

73/365: Back to School

Then I remembered that it was the first day of school and got excited – well I was excited but Our Sidekick wasn’t. I pestered him about making sure that his hair was combed and that he had everything ready (like my parents did to me and my brother every year!)

I had time to wash my hair which is virutally unheard of in the mornings unless I have a bunch of time to waste lol. I brushed my hair and we got ready to set off – I wasn’t sure how busy it would be – the school is near my route to work but not quite on the route so I’ve never seen the traffic in full swing (and also it was only set year groups going back today the rest go back tomorrow).

Payard Croissants

Before we left the house I made a deal with Our Sidekick that if there was time we’d go via the supermarket and get croissants for breakfast but unfortunately there wasn’t time. Don’t worry he’d already had a bowl of cereal because my idea came after his breakfast slot lol. I told him that I’d get them so he could have it as a snack when he got in from school or have it for dessert (I know it’s not really a dessert but it’s pastry and somehow works right?).

We left about 8:20am to make sure that Our Sidekick was at school by 8:50am as requested by the school (Although registration doesn’t start until 9.05am). I dropped Our Sidekick off at school and drove the rest of the way to work – I didn’t have work but I wanted to make sure that it was possible for me to drop him off and still make it to work for 9am.

While we were in the car Our Sidekick asked me four times in the car he asked me “Do I really have to go today?”. Sorry lovely you do have to go to school until you’re sixteen and the government say that you can leave school!

I had this whole plan that I’d take the morning off so that if there were any issues then we had time to resolve them and I didn’t have to worry about being late for work. What’s funny is that I had dropped him off and everything waws resolved by 8:50ish. I popped to the supermarket to get the croissants and now I’m at The Fountain hanging out with Chris rather than going home to use our internet connection and my poorly MacBook. I got this error the other night.



    • Hannah says:

      I don’t remember my first day back but remember being disappointed that I think I walked myself to school but lots of other kids were dropped off by their parents. Then again my Mum dropped me off so many other days when I was at school that I think I won out in the long run lol.

      I hope you’re right that he’ll settle and love it. I enjoyed most of Upper School but had some bad experiences. Hopefully they won’t affect him in the same way.

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