250: Found Here and There

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Found Here and There

I find lots of links around the web and want to share them but don’t want to spam your RSS, Twitter or Facebook with the links – this is my way to share them with you.

I love black forest gateau and these chocolate trees just add something else. Thank you to Jes at The Militant Baker. She’s also working her way through a list called “25 Things Fat People Shouldn’t Do” – I am feeling the urge to join in.

I’ve been inspired by Sarah’s “How to Make Your Blog More User Friendly” list and so I’m working on implementing some of them as and when I can.

Some of these look super creepy but it also looks kind of fun in a strange way (am I wierd? – please tell me I’m not) Originally seen on Sarah Rooftops who saw it Nile Guide. (Image from the Nile Guide post – originally from Flickr).

JD posted this on Facebook yesterday afternoon and I love the idea. The Bedford Open Air Cycle Powered Cinema – I love the idea of going but first I’d have to get my bike to town which could be a challenge in itself! I might have to borrow my brother’s bike as I know it’s working well and doesn’t weight as much as mine!

Going to have to also add this film to the list. Liberal Arts stars Josh Radnor (Ted from HIMYM) and Elizabeth Olsen (Mary-Kate and Ashley’s little sister – or so I’m told!).

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