268: Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Chores, having spent probably about 8 or more hours this weekend doing various forms of you I’d really like some time off to recover.

Dear Lemon Curd, for ages I didn’t think I’d be able to make you by myself and yet somehow with a tiny bit of text message coaching from my Mum I managed to do it. In fact we tried Orange Curd as well which is more like a citrus curd as you still put a lemon in it.

Homemade Lemon Curd

Dear Chris, the above adventure in Orange Curd wouldn’t have happened without you suggesting it. Also I’d have probably not made the lemon curd had you not decided that we needed fruit on the way home. So thank you 🙂

Dear JD, I don’t think I explained the whole story but the fact that I was allowed to invade your outing on Saturday made me feel super spesh. So much has been going on this last week that I’m so blessed that I have friends like you. Thank you again. Merci mon Amis 😀

Dear Mini Fairy, yesterday you celebrated your birthday – how is it that you’re another year older? It’s feels like last week when I came to your dedication and your Momma asked me to be your Fairy Godmother. Next you’ll be packing up for uni! (Haha! Just kidding!)

Dear Tubi, how exactly are you old enough to be going away to uni in the next week. Then again how are you even old enough to come to the pub tomorrow for a “see you soon” drink. I remember holding you as a baby, helping you learn to walk, practice random spellings on a Tuesday sat at Grandma’s kitchen table. Anyway! Have an amazing time at university. Two things, don’t get too drunk in freshers week and find yourself a church early on in term – chances are they are adopting students and you’ll get free lunches (oh and make good friends etc!)

Dear Mr W, MC, and SS, thank you for praying for me in church yesterday. I thought I’d get one of you and then all three of you gathered round me and prayed for me it was epic! Especially when I was all a bit tearful and couldn’t really spit out what I wanted to say but somehow you all still managed to decode it which was awesome, thank you.

Dear Mummy V, Yesterday when I was being prayed for I had my eyes closed and was “looking” at the floor. I had my hands out in front of me with tears streaming down my face, I felt this hand in mine accompanied by some tissues. I kinda didn’t know it was you as I hadn’t seen you but then knew it was you in a way, it sounds kind of silly but I almost felt it was you.

Dear CJ, (because he gets two letters a la Today’s Letters) I swear you do enough dreaming for the both of us sometimes. I think you start with an idea and then think “What can I add to this to make it more crazy?”. So yeah, what’s the next plan?

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