271: Recently….

Reading I finished Awaken by Nina Soden last night – well this morning at like 1am when I should have been asleep but I couldn’t wait to find our what happened to Alee and that was that I had to finish it. If you like Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries etc etc it’ll be up your street – give it a try. Next up I am either going to carry on with From Blah to Awe by Jenna Lucado Bishop or Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy – then again Anna is hard work and I don’t think I’ve got the capacity to read it lol. Might just give up and see the film.

Watching Our Sidekick and I have started watching Man vs Food but Chris isn’t so chuffed with it so we watch it while he’s out and then tell Chris the shortened version about things like the Polish Boy from Cleveland and the Ghost Chilli Burger (I can’t remember where from though). A lot of the shows I watch are American so they’ve finished. 2 Broke Girls and New Girl finish this week I think, The Newsroom finished a week or so ago but I have only seen about half of the finale as it was deleted by mistake.

Listening to I’ve had a worship CD on in the car and then flick over to the radio on the school run and things like that. I am really liking I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons so I think I might download Babel at some point. I really loved Sigh No More.

Thinking about Life, the universe and everything else lol. There is so much going on at the moment, the drama last week is still kind of playing on my mind but doing my best to hand it over to God and tell him he’s got the reins not me, I’ve got an envelope at home with some information in that I need to sort out but part of me is bricking it because it’s kind of to do with the future.

Loving the fact that autumn is coming and I can wear my woolly hat. It’s not quite cold enough for a proper coat but it’s been really wet this week so I’m carrying my pac-a-mac with me as it can be folded up and clipped onto my bag. Also that my Mum knows me that well she texted me to see if I want to go and see Phantom of the Opera at MK Theatre in a few weeks (Erm yes, did you need to ask?!)

Looking forward to seeing my Mum’s pictures from London today, her and her best friend Kathy went to the London Eye today. One day I want to go on it. I’m looking forward to the Macmillan Big Coffee Morning tomorrow that my friend and her Mum are organising. Their coffee morning is at Ravensden Village Hall but you can find your local coffee mornings here. Macmillan Cancer Support were an amazing helping my friend’s Grandma and Grandad when her Grandad was diagnosed with cancer. I do Race for Life for Cancer Research UK as they research into treatments and things like that for people with cancer, then Macmillan look after the person, their families and their wellbeing. I read today that with £25 raised that pays for a Macmillan Nurse to spend an hour with a family. For £61 a Macmillan financial advisor can help with things like managing bills etc. while you’re sick and bits like that. £350ish means that a hall can be hired for a year for self-help and support groups to meet on a regular basis.

Making me happy crocheting, I stopped doing it a few months back as my hand kept cramping up – my little finger would get stiff and gradually my whole hand would go funny. I’m currently just working on a really big granny square! I had started a blanket with lots of squares – I think I am still going to use them but sew them together to create something individual. This big square might take the feature in the middle or I’ll change wool on the way round and it will look like a border to the original square.

Inspiration from Freckled Italian and Sometimes Sweet

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