272: Fill In The Blanks Friday

Joining with Lauren from The Little Things We Do

1.  My first memory is I remember being about three or four and climbing out of the dining room door (which used to lead directly into the garden. I tripped over my own feet or the door ledge and fell over and grazed up all my knee and I remember it bleeding quite a lot. I told Mum about this memory a few weeks back and she said that she didn’t remember it lol.  

2.  My first love was okay so I’m going to be awkward on this one. The first boyfriend that I had and told him I loved him was when I was about 15. So I guess my first love would be my Dad in a way. He’s amazing and so encouraging. He’d teach me about stuff in the garden and help me with my homework. A few weeks back we were at the Fountain talking about various bits and he turned round and said he was proud of me then gave me like a manly punch in the arm – which made me jump and I nearly fell off the chair I was sat on. I do know that my Parents are proud of me but sometimes it’s good to hear it right? I met Chris when I was 15 and although I fancied him and we did try the going out thing for a few months, it didn’t really work at first but he was my best friend for quite a few years and clearly it was meant to happen because look at us know! Married and Foster Parents to Our Sidekick (okay so we didn’t do parenting the “normal” way but he needed someone and we stepped up to the plate).

3.  My very first favourite colour was pink. Well I presume that given that my bedroom was pink until I was about 13 or 14 but then again I’m not sure lol.

4. The first time I really felt like a “grown-up” was when erm I’m not sure I guess when I became responsible for another human being on a full-time basis (October last year when Our Sidekick came to live with us). You’d think that graduating from university, getting married or having a mortgage would have me feel grown up but clearly not lol.

5. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is pretend it is not morning and that I can go back to sleep usually it’s not – today made me nearly cry – I thought it was Saturday and was happy about a lie in only to realise that if it was Saturday why didn’t I remember going to the cinema with Libs? Oh dear it’s not Saturday it’s Friday and something about that super depressed me.

6. The first CD (cassette tape, record, etc…) I ever bought was I’m not sure if I bought it or if I was bought it but the first album I had was the Spice Girls on cassette tape (unless you count over killing my days cassette tape of The Eagles – I loved Hotel California!), about the same time I was given a bunch of blank tapes and would record songs off the radio to make my own mix tapes lol.    

7.  My first car was a dark blue Ford Fiesta, it had belonged to a boy racer before me so the stereo had been rewired and various other bits. It was great, until it started burning oil and then when it was really dying, my dad and I drove in convoy to the scrapyard and left it there to go to the car garage in the sky. My Dad was all ready for me to be really upset about it as it was my first car and things like that but I wasn’t. I then got my Yellow Fiat which I loved even more than my Fiesta lol.


    • Hannah says:

      The Eagles are just awesome full stop but there is just something about those opening chords of Hotel California that grabs me and I know it’s that song lol.

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