283: The Invasion of Nottinghamshire #TWI

It’s Sunday when I’m writing this. I’m on the bus heading back from my adventure. I could wait until I get home but I may as well use the time wisely right?

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious

“That girl in the black jumper is me……”

So many films and TV shows start with something to this effect. I think the recent one I can think of from my seat on the X5 heading to Bedford is from Episode One of Hart of Dixie.

Rachel Bilson as Zoe Hart is sat on a bus heading towards the fictional town of Bluebell, Alabama. She’s been turned down for a Cardio-Thoraxic Residency at a hospital in NY and found out that she’s been given half a GP practice. And her adventure kicks off.

Well I’m not as glam as Rachel and I need to wash my hair. Wuthering Heights is open on my knee with my post it note bookmark stuck to the outside. I can hear people behind me speaking animatedly in Polish (or at least that’s what it sounds like). I have homemade chocolate cheesecake made by Miss S in a carrier bag next to me – I think it might be squished but its wrapped in tin foil so hopefully I can eat it with a spoon from the foil if needed.

My adventure started yesterday morning when I drove to The Fountain and then caught the X5 to Milton Keynes to meet Miss S for our adventure further north to Nottinghamshire to meet up with the uni girls.

I caught the 1015 out of Bedford, made a friend in the queue, paid for my “period return” which would mean I could get as far as town on Sunday and headed for MK.

I pottered round the shops and ran an errand for my brother (who had a really sore face after having a wisdom tooth removed on Friday!) and then headed for John Lewis end of the shopping centre to wait for Miss S.

We headed to the supermarket first for lunch, road trip supplies, my contribution to the meal and petrol. The supermarket was heaving as it was nearly lunchtime on a Saturday (this is why I go food shopping on a Monday or Tuesday). Miss S dropped me off at the store while she got petrol then came back for me rather than trying to find a parking space.

How's that for a Ferris wheel. #goosefair #nottsinvasion

We arrived in Nottinghamshire at Kewey and DanDan’s house, lots of hugs were passed around then we settled down to curl up on the sofa and catch up, a little while later LB and Andy arrived so there were more hugs and more catching up. DanDan and Andy ended up sat in one corner chatting away and about boy things and we were all on the other side chatting away. We exchanged birthday presents with Kewey and LB. LB gave Kewey a white canvas with musical notes and a giant treble clef on it – I stood on the sofa and hung it up and it looked amazing like it should always be there!

We’d had a discussion earlier in the week about going to the Goose Fair at Nottingham. It was probably not my cup of tea but we had so much fun from nearly falling over on the tram because we were too busy chatting and not busy enough hanging on, going on the ferris wheel and looking at the view, going on the chair swing and LB holding my hand when I got the collywobbles. (I’d have probably been fine on my own and without the flashing lights that were like right in my sight line but thankfully LB had been pre-warned and when she looked at me and saw that although I was smiling my eyes said I’m not okay she knew to grab my hand!)

I’m glad I charged my phone before leaving the house because I was snapping away. Some of the pictures didn’t come out that great but some where amazing. Others wouldn’t upload as O2 seems to have a crisis in Nottingham and some of the surrounding area. My phone keeps freaking out and losing all signal only to then reconnect seconds later. (And steering me more and more to a new network when my contract runs out in a few months time).

Fun times at the fair. #goosefair #nottsinvasion

We hadn’t had tea before leaving the house and decided that we were going to grab a burger or something like that. I ended up having a hot dog and a bit later in the evening I had a nutella crepe – which was easier to ask for than to actually eat. At one point Kewey wanted to take my picture because I had nutella all round my face like a small child – apparently it was quite funny but I got really self conscious about it lol.

After a while we headed back to the tram stop and then headed back to the house. On the way at one point Andy was stood behind LB, S and Kewey were chattering away and then the tram jolted – Andy some how reached round LB and grabbed them both by their sleeves and managed to stop them from falling over in the middle of the tram – it was really epic!

We spent about 3 or 4 hours chatting and then realised at 1:30am that it was really time to go to bed! Me and S were sharing the living room – I was on the fold out futon which wasn’t amazingly comfy but I got some sleep which was the main thing. At about 8am the light coming through the blinds was too bright so I curled up on the sofa and played the next MacHeist mission and carried on reading Wuthering Heights.

We had bacon sandwiches for breakfast once everyone was downstairs and ready. We then had the TV playing in the background and decided to pop into town for a little while as Kewey had an errand she needed to run. Me and Andy raced the lift down from the car park to the shops – we just arrived before the doors opened. We then did the same on the way back to the car with DanDan, DanDan shot off in front and was about 1 and a half flights in front of me, then about two flights of stairs from the top I couldn’t catch my breathe and had to slow down – Andy took over but he was only about 6 or 7 steps in front of me – it was pretty epic but did start jokes about the gym (which is kind of true but it’s a bit expensive!)

Feeling a bit out of place in #topshop. Oh well.

I snapped this picture while in TopShop. I have a think about TopShop because their choices of mannequins bug me, they are really skinny to the extent that I think they are size 6 or 8. I stood next to one that had not shape to “her” bottom and her legs were thinner than table legs I swear! Anyway so I was pottering around and updating Twitter and chatting to Chris by text message. (On the other hand I got home and watched Strictly from last night – oh my gosh can Lisa Riley dance! And that lift at the end – she just proved that girls don’t have to be skinny to be dancers! Get in Lisa!!)

After pottering round the shops we headed back to the cars and then back to the house. Kewey cooked us Spaghetti Bolognese with Quorn mince – it was really yummy but as I normally don’t eat breakfast and had on Sunday then lunch was like two hours later so that S could make it back to her house to get ready for her evening plans. While we were sat around the dinner table we discussed dates for meeting up for Christmas.

At 3pm it was time to head home, part of me wanted to get home to see the points but the other part of me wanted to stay and hang out with the girls more. I made it to MK in time for the next x5, I charged into the McDonald’s opposite the bus stop to go to the loo. I was going to buy a drink or a burger or something so I didn’t feel like I’d used the customer toilet without being a customer but I then saw the bus arrive outside. It was only when I joined the queue and the lady in front was told it was the Oxford bus and she’d need the other one for Bedford did I see the Bedford bound X5 pull in behind the Oxford bound X5 and changed queue. Chris had waited at The Fountain for me so I just had to walk from the Bus station round the corner to The Fountain and then we went home via Mum’s.

That was my weekend.

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