282: Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Kewey and DanDan, thank you for playing host to me, S, LB and Andy – I had a lovely time. The bacon sandwiches for breakfast were yummy, that spaghetti bolognese was awesome too – I just wish I’d had room to eat my portion of Spag Bol.

Dear S, thank you for being my taxi hehe. Without you I’d have probably had to get the train which would have been a bit crazy and probably a headache for me lol. The X5 to MK is dead simple lol.

Dear Chris and Our Sidekick, I genuinely really missed you. I loved calling on Saturday night to wish you both good night. I think you were having a lovely time too.

Dear Jelly and Mel, it was so lovely to meet you, I had a great time exploring London with you. I think Ruby would have liked to have been there too! You two are so adorable. There was one moment on the tube when I thought Jelly was going to fall over then again on the journey to Covent Garden Jelly almost caught me when I was wasn’t quite holding on tight enough! I snapped this picture while waiting for you guys. I realised when I got on the train after we’d left each other that I didn’t snap one of you two at 9 3/4s 🙁

I wonder what the weather is like at #hogwarts.

Dear East Midlands Trains, last time I went to London I could get to St Pancras International and a Zone 1 and 2 Rail card for £30ish with no restrictions. Today I had the choice of £26 but couldn’t travel back between 4:30 and 7pm or £44 for the freedom to travel within those times. Why the difference exactly?

Dear JD, it was great to meet you for an impromptu drink and then a road trip. I loved trying on crazy shoes with you and winding up Our Sidekick. You have to come and hangout for a DVD night and soon!

Dear Chipotle, I’d have probably avoided you normally. With Pizza Express next door that would have probably been my first choice but I jumped in and went for it. I had a chicken burrito with brown rice and the “not really spicy” sauce. I think the marinade on the chicken made my lips and throat sore from the spice but I drank my can and some water and was fine. I’m going to have to take Chris and Our Sidekick as they will love it! Either that or try and make a homemade version of Chipotle – there’s got to be a recipe out there somewhere!

My first #chipotle for lunch. We walked from King's Cross. I think it balances out. #london #adventures


  1. Melissa Savage says:

    Lovely to meet you too Hannah!

    There are heaps of Mexican style recipes to try at home that are quite easy and suited to the Sidekick pitching in with cooking. Personally I’m a fan of a chicken fajita recipe that is basically chicken and green capsicums cooked in a mixture of barbecue sauce and lime juice and wrapped up in a burrito with sour cream and tomatoes. The meat sauce recipe that you use for bolognese sauce or shepherd’s pie also adapts pretty easily into burrito or taco meat. Then chop up some salads, make some guacamole and add sour cream, beans, rice and anything else you feel like.

    • Hannah says:

      That sounds like a good idea. Capsicums are sweet peppers right? I think I’ve heard Ruby call them “capsicums” we call them peppers (or sweet peppers).

      So lovely to meet you yesterday. I had a great time. I told Chris about Chipotle and he wants to go. He said we could have gone to Wok To Walk. (It’s Chinese food if you hadn’t guessed lol)

    • melissasavage says:

      Americans call them bell peppers so I guess sweet peppers is probably right. All of the English speakers call their vegetables different names, I can’t keep up with it all!

      And lovely to meet you too. Sorry I was a bit sick and tired.

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