290: Today’s Adventures

I’ve been thinking again – I know dangerous. About stuff. Well bits and pieces. You could say the Life, the Universe and Everything. (H2G2 rocks) Then again if I could think about that much then my head would explode. I’m experimenting with short bitesize posts instead of my usual long streaming posts. Do you prefer short posts or long posts? Do you prefer ones with pictures or just text, text, text?

JD is coming for tea today, we normally go to the cinema but as I’m on Sidekick duty we’ve organised to have a bit of a movie night at home which is a bit rare. The Sidekick doesn’t know that she’s coming and so that will be a bit of a surprise for him, he thinks the world of her so I hope he likes the surprise lol.

I have tomorrow off work for our exciting Panel Meeting. The way I’m seeing it is like a job interview. Now normally you have that meeting/interview and then they decide if a child can be placed with you. But with Our Sidekick already living with us it’s like having a job interview a year into the job to tell you whether you can keep your job or not. The rest of the day will be a chores day I think – well in theory if I manage to be that motivated!