291: #WednesdayWonderings v.2

We live in a world where we have a bunch of information at our fingertips – we unlock our phones and Google to our hearts content, but what about all those random questions, why was I looking and what did I find out.


Back to The Future II – would you believe that although I know the basic idea of the Back To The Future films I’ve not see seen any of them all the way through. On Saturday Back to The Future II was on TV so I ended up googling it to see what rating it was and whether Our Sidekick could watch it or not.

How to crochet two pieces together – I’ve been crocheting lots recently but the biggest problem is that I don’t know how to crochet the bits together. I looked it up but I think I’m definitely going to need a needle to get it done.

Vietnam War – One of the films we watched on Saturday is set in the 1970s while America was at war with Vietnam (I guess around the same time as M*A*S*H* was set). I was looking for the finishing date of the war as the film was set to early to be the end of the war but I wasn’t 100%.

Soft Contact Lenses Invented – Same film as above. One of the characters decides to wear contacts instead of glasses but she was wearing soft lenses like I used to have and I thought they were a reasonably recent invention and so she wouldn’t have been wearing that style of lenses in the 1970s. Although she wouldn’t have necessarily had soft lenses like mine she might have had predecessor to them.

Turner and Hooch Our Sidekick and I were working our way through a pile of DVDs that we’ve been lent by my FIL. Turner and Hooch is one of these films – again knew the rough idea but hadn’t seen it. While watching the film it struck me how the vet looks a bit like a younger version of Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager but alas it’s not her. Oh well. I really liked the film though. Probably not Tom Hanks at his best but it was still good and I enjoyed it.

Hexagon Crochet Meet me at Mikes It seems like a random combination of words but it works. I was looking for how to crochet a hexagon and found this pattern on a blog called “Meet Me At Mikes“. The pattern is really easy to understand and follow – and the pictures are really clear and make sense.

Morton Hunted UK Hunted is a TV show here that has replaced Spooks in a way. The area the house is in really looks like the Lakes so I was trying to google it and find out where it was – in the end it turns out it’s in Scotland but it still looks amazing.

TED Ruby Wax On the computer in the Living Room that records all our TV there is a clever app on there that has TED presentations on it. I’ve watched some amazing inspiring ones and some really random ones. Ruby Wax’s TED talk was so good! It was about Mental Health and did have a serious point to it but it was made the audience laugh. Watch it here. (I love the idea of speaking at TED – I wonder how I’d go about doing that!)


  1. melissasavage says:

    Sorry, nerd moment, but M*A*S*H was set during the Korean War (1950-53) although the show was made in the 1970s. The Vietnam War ran from the early 60s (JFK started it, LBJ ramped things up). Exact start date is fuzzy though because it’s all tied up with the French colonisation coming to an end and the Chinese communists taking the north. JFK sent some troops to help ‘advise’ the southerners and it went from there. The Americans finally gave up and withdrew in 1975.

    But presumably your googling showed you that. I just like the topic. Learning about this stuff got me into politics for the first time, because I had an excellent history teacher in year 10 when we covered Vietnam.

    • Hannah says:

      No worries somehow I knew it was Korea but then got muddled because as soon as you said I was like “Oh yeah! I knew that! Duh!” Then again I’ve only got into M*A*S*H in the last 3 or 4 years and even then only really watch it with my Dad.

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