293: Bonus Post @ #CNMAC12

Word Cloud - #CNMAC12

During today’s conference, Dr Bex Lewis (from BigBible) and some other people were writing a talk as the day went on. As part of this there were various different Word Clouds and also a graph showing who sent the most tweets. In the past 1500 tweets I had sent 77 of them. Apparently that made me the Number 1 Tweeter at the conference in that last section of tweets.

So that was kind of exciting in an epic geeky way.


    • Hannah says:

      Hi Katie-Jo, thanks for the comment. I didn’t start the pickles craze but I did join in! Mainly with the “replacefilmtitleswithpickles”. Was a bit mean people laughing at the Twitterfall while Vicky W was doing her best to carry on her talk seriously.

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