296: Dear Monday/This Weekend I…#TWI

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I….went to London to go to CNMAC12. It was nice to catch up with everyone but staying at the pub a bit longer might have been a better choice as the tube was absolutely packed heading towards Leicester Square and then just as bad heading to St Pancras. It was that packed, at one station I grabbed the girl behind me to make sure her arm was clear of the door. Then about two stations later I had to do the same for a guy who decided that he’d stand right on the yellow line.

This Weekend I….travelled back on the train with sweary lads who were on a night out and some guys who had just been to the football. Thankfully I was getting off at Bedford so that was two stops from London.

This Weekend I….drew up a super plan – okay it has like 5 to do points (and a bunch of sub-points) at the moment but I am working my way to a “Master Plan” (think A Doctor Evil or Bond Baddie Master Plan lol)

This Weekend I….ate Italian food with Brains (Taglietelle Salmone for her, Spaghetti Bolognese for Me). I’m not sure pasta is usually the recommended post wisdom tooth extraction food but it was around 42 hours after the removal so figured as long as I clean my teeth properly and rinse a whole bunch of salty water when I got home I’d be okay.

This Weekend I….worked on ideas and tweaks for this blog – suggestions welcome on postcards.

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Monday, this week I am kind of dreading your arrival. Stuff went down last week that I’m not 100% sure about and so I need to be on my top game this week. I’m worried I won’t be on my top game. Prayers would be good – It says about not worrying for anything and God will provide but sometimes it’s easier to say it than do it.

Dear CJ, you taught my parents how to use other apps on their phones this weekend. I might be sticking with an iPhone just so that they don’t get confused why I disappear if/when I move to a Samsung S3 – decisions, decisions. Then again it was quite funny on Saturday when Vicky commented about iPhone over Android – was quite funny. Is it worth updating from an iPhone 4 to a 5.

Dear Brains, It was so good to see you! Can’t wait to see you at Christmas – then we need to swap Skype names or something to catch up when you move to the other side of the pond (because I know for sure that if NY is in God’s Plan for you then that visa will come with no problems!)

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