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In that serendipitous way that you can “meet” people on Twitter now, two of my friends (one I’ve met in person, one I haven’t) have ventured into the world of Podcasts. This is still something I’m yet to try but oh well I might get there in the end!

Anyway so on the 19th October the first episode of Jelly and Bean went live on the web. I found out about it via Facebook and then once Our Sidekick had headed up to bed and I could listen to it properly I sat down with my MacBook and got started. It hasn’t made it to the iTunes store officially but via the long way round I managed to get it onto my phone to listen to on the way to/from #CNMAC12.

Jelly and Bean

Episode One is titled “Microsoft’s Walking into a Crowded Bar”. It gives a bit of a hint to whats coming but there’s more than just that. There were various sections and even at about 20 minutes into a 66 minute podcast I’ve got lots of notes. Mainly because in a way I wanted to be part of the conversation as well! Lots of feedback and questions to ask about what they meant by some bits and other bits that I’m like “Huh? Are you sure that’s what you mean?“

Doctor Who
I love Doctor Who – I’m not quite like my brother who has been collecting The Classic Series (Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy and the others) but I have been watching The New Series (Eccleston, Tennant and Smith) and trying to convert Chris, Our Sidekick and pretty much anyone who will sit still long enough to watch an episode with me.

What do you think about Doctor Who? Are you like my Mum who watched The Classic Series from behind the sofa? Or are you like me who only gets freaked out by the Weeping Angels and the Waters of Mars? (Yes I got freaked out by water okay?! I was the only one in the house and then having watched the episode pretty much in the dark going to the loo and cleaning my teeth was completely out of the question for about an hour!)

When we went on holiday during the Summer, we briefly went to Cardiff – it was the same day as the Women’s Football kicked off as part of the Olympics so we didn’t want to get stuck in the traffic and we had to go meet Freya. The small bit of Cardiff that I did, I loved it a lot and can’t wait to go back again.

Microsoft and the iPad Mini
I’m not sure that these were actually supposed to be a joint subject but some how they fit together. So the last Windows based laptop I had was back in about 2008 – I had managed to write my university dissertation on it but it was gradually dying – at one point it over heated in the middle of writing and I was convinced it was dead – I think it was the beginning of March and my dissertation was due at the end of April so I was in full blown panic, what on earth was I going to do if my laptop was totally dead and my dissertation had gone. Thankfully somehow it wasn’t gone but I decided there and then to save up for my MacBook – well I’ve had my MacBook since – so it’s about 4.5 years old now. It’s not on it’s second battery and it’s still running. I was a little bit worried about six months ago that it was well and truly dead and wasn’t going to recover but somehow it did and it’s still going. I’ve taken to sticking stickers all over the front of it now. So far I have one for HUGStronger, a Hello Kitty sticker and another random one that I found.

The Microsoft Surface looks good but as Jelly and Branden discuss – it’s got hard competition to live up against. You compare it against the iPad and I think the iPad will wipe the floor with the Surface.


Be sure to check out the podcast because I’m sure I’ve missed bits. 

First Image of the Jelly and Bean logo belongs to Dan.

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