299: A Journey of Faith: Where?

Foorprints in The Sand

At CNMAC12 I went to the final seminar of the day – it was a bit of a challenge to decide which seminar I wanted to go to but I ended up at James‘s “Participant Driven Session”, yep that was kind of vague but I was excited about it. I got there and I was the only one there, I think everyone else was trying to grab a quick coffee before the next session started.

I took up residence part way back and opened my MacBook to fill out some of the notes I’d been taking between tweets in other seminars, I’d also been working on other blog posts while I didn’t have Our Sidekick or Chris asking me to do other things. While I sat there another lady arrived. (The lady does have a name! She’s called Laura except at this point I don’t know that she’s called that!)

So we’re sat there, minding our own and Laura strikes up a conversation, we start talking about blogs, social media and all sorts of other bits and pieces from the day. I move to sit next to Laura and I show her my blog. Then she shows me hers. You can find hers here, it’s called Lay Anglicana.

The first post that comes up is titled “Journey of Faith” (Part One and Part Two are now available). I read Part One while we sat chatting and discussing blogs and also things that she mentions like the Bhagavad Gita. At some point in our conversation James arrives along with other people and we all start to get settled.

So what’s that introduction got to do with this post. Well I’m going to share my testimony/story with you lot. It’s not going to come all in one go because that would be long and boring. It’s going to be in bitesize chunks starting on Tuesday next week. Does this sound like a good plan?

To start with we could do with a picture, because after all a picture is worth a thousand words – so this is me, I think I’m about 2 or 3 (maybe a little older). Yup once I was that adorable and cute!




  1. layanglicana says:

    Wow – that’s such a good teaser of an introduction. I am longing to read the rest. Bite-sized chunks is more restrained than I was, but it is a good idea and builds anticipation. It certainly does in me! And yes, you do look very cute in that outfit…

    • Hannah says:

      Hello Laura!

      The next post is due for Tuesday but there will be other posts before then 🙂 Thank you for the comment too 🙂

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