303: This Weekend I…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I….went to St Albans, My Dad collected me from work on Friday and we grabbed some food. Our Sidekick and I went to Christ Church and caught a mini bus lift to St Albans Abbey for the Lock In. It was exhausting but so much fun. The evening kicked off with worship and Mike Pilavachi from Soul Survivor spoke.

This Weekend I….had a three hour nap, across four chairs in the team room at the Abbey. I must have needed it because I only meant to sleep for an hour maybe two but no three hours later I wake up – it’s 6:15am and everyone is getting ready for the last worship session and then to head home.

This Weekend I….Saturday morning we packed up. As I had had three hours more sleep than Chris who was on 0, I drove home. There was a lorry driver who tried to change lane right into me, so I slammed my hand into the horn to get his attention. I was clearly a bit tired because I really hurt my hand – I’m surprised that it’s not still hurting now. I then stayed along side him because I wasn’t going to go too fast to get home, I needed my wits about me and so I wasn’t going to mess about. The lorry driver swerved again so I hit the horn again. Then he slowed down to pull in behind me. Well he did that and then bumper hugged me so I slowed down (not loads but just a little bit) to make sure I had enough time to stop/get out of his way if any one in front of me should break. Don’t worry we made it home in one piece.

This Weekend I….had about three or four hours more sleep when I got home. I got into to bed at 8:45 and got up around 1pm – oops that was most of Saturday gone! Needed to do something productive so I cleaned the kitchen.

There was more to my weekend but I need to go to sleep now. So I’ll catch you all tomorrow for My Journey in Faith: Part One.

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