305: Wednesday Wonderings v.4

We live in a world where we have a bunch of information at our fingertips – we unlock our phones and Google to our hearts content, but what about all those random questions, why was I looking and what did I find out.


Harry Potter Tube Station
I’m pretty sure that Our Sidekick watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince twice. Not twice in one week. Twice in one day almost back to back! I was trying to find our which station it is when Harry talks to the girl with the curly hair before Albus shows him the memory of meeting Tom Riddle for the first time.

Surbiton Station
(The image isn’t mine. The source for image is here with lots of other exciting movie locations.)
Angela Dworkin
When I studied Sociology, Andrea Dworkin‘s name always came up in reference to Radical Feminism. She was often quoted with regard to marriage and relationships. She also wrote a whole paper about pornography and its detrimental effects (or something like that. Didn’t spend too much time on Radical Feminism as it drove me a little up the wall lol). This came up after @ShanKilby posted a link and it was RT’d by someone I follow to this article on Twitter. (It’s called Letters from a War Zone)

Bletchley Park
All this week it’s been popping up on Twitter about Dr Sue Black‘s Unbound project to get a book about saving Bletchley Park commissioned. (Unbound is a bit like Kickstarter for specifically for books it seems!)

Anyway, I was googling for information like how much a ticket is for the park, when its open and where it is in relation to the train station.

I was using Google as a spell checker this time. How many different spellings of Alzheimer’s can there be out there? (And why could my phone spell various other words but not Alzheimer’s?)

Girl Singing Heineken Advert
There’s a Heineken advert that is playing on the TV at the moment that is a twist on the usual ad and has Daniel Craig as James Bond making an appearance. (The one linked is a longer version that the UK version it seems!) At one point a girl with long blond hair is singing on camera. Somehow it came up in conversation to find out who she was. (Her name is Gin Wigmore and the song in the advert is called Man Like That).

Marley and Me
I like this film but its so sad. There’s one bit that makes me cry every time! Our Sidekick and I were watching it on Sunday or Monday and I googled it to check the rating and some other piece of information that he asked me about. How do I get him that interested in his school work?

Most people in a single pair of pants
Have you heard of Pants to Poverty? On Friday at the Lock In, me and Our Sidekick were part of a massive team aiming to get Pants to Poverty back into the record books for the most people in a single pair of pants. It was originally sent by Pants to Poverty with 57 people then the record was broken by Coca Cola. Well we had to beat it to get it back to a charity didn’t we? I think someone said we were on about 230 or something like that. Just waiting to hear from our friend at the St Albans Diocese Youth Service for an update as to whether we got an official record or not. So exciting.


    • Hannah says:

      I should have texted you the other week when I met up with Mel and Jelly. We met at Platform 9 and 3/4s as it was easier than trying to find me in St Pancras.

      I did have a look to see if it was possible to find the house used for Grimmauld Place but I hadn’t found this movie locations website.

      I will have to bare that in mind next time I’m in London and looking for Harry Potter sites. I’ve already been to the Millennium Bridge and Piccadilly Circus which have both been used for Harry Potter, and been to 9 3/4s twice – once while it was still outside in a shed and once now it’s moved inside to its almost correct position. It’s next to Platform 9 rather than between 9 and 10.

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