31 Inspiring Blog Prompts for January

I don’t know about you but some months, I think this is the month that I’m going to get this blogging thing back on track and then I get brain freeze and can’t think of anything to write about so, while I’m sat here with time to spare, I’ve been writing a list of ideas and here I’m sharing it with you. (There’s the list and also a printable if you’d like to add it to your bullet journal or planner)

Prompts for January

  1. Goals and intentions for the year. (What’s the difference take a look here)
  2. Your Word for The Year (more info here and here)
  3. Tips for sticking to your goals
  4. Have you sent thank you cards for your Christmas presents? If like me you made yours on Canva, maybe you can share your design for others to you.
  5. Show us your TBR for January (Have you set a goal of how many books to read this year? This was 2021 and 2022 is coming)
  6. Do you knit, crochet or sew? Do you have something on the go or just finished? Be sure to share.
  7. Maybe make up or skincare is your thing – share some tips or maybe your favourite products
  8. What are your favourite winter must haves?
  9. What are your current binge worthy TV shows or YouTube channels? (Vlogmas has just finished – maybe you’re still catching up).
  10. Bullet journal ideas for January
  11. Have you got some projects planned for this year? Why don’t you share them?
  12. Review your favourite planner.
  13. Conduct a reader survey or a social media poll. Blog based on the findings.
  14. Reading List for the Year – any you’re planning to read this year? Maybe it’s journals or blogs rather than books.
  15. Favourite Planning Tool – I am a pen and paper type of person but maybe there’s an online tool you prefer.
  16. Show us where you blog. At a desk? On the sofa? Maybe not at home?
  17. January activities with little kids – what things can you do at for free or low cost maybe?
  18. What about writing a how-to-guide for something you like doing?
  19. Top 10 Hints/Tips for….. maybe you’ve got some you can share.
  20. Revisit your very first blog post and reflect on how you’ve grown or how life has changed.
  21. A Sunday night routine for a great start to the week (or maybe your Sunday Reset list)
  22. Ten things you’d tell your 20-year old self.
  23. Date night ideas
  24. Frugal date ideas (If post Christmas budgets are getting you down, how about sharing your ideas for a cheap date night?)
  25. Tonight is Burns Nights – if you celebrate, what do you get up to? Do you have a proper haggis – or maybe you have an alternative? What have you got up to at previous celebrations?
  26. Five things you need to know how to fix (e.g. change car tire etc.)
  27. Essentials you can’t live without (You could stretch this by sharing by different rooms. What essentials do you have to have in your kitchen)
  28. How to be a great friend
  29. Share 10 Instagram accounts that inspire you
  30. Monday is always a bit stressful in our house, so how do you start Monday morning the right way.
  31. One month down, how are those goals coming along? Have you changed them? Have you given up already?

If you share them on social media – please tag me and I’ll share/RT etc.

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