Knitting and Crochet Projects Completed in 2022

After following the progress of Boston Jen and Jasmine from the Knitmore Girls during their destash challenge, I sat down and wrote a list of all the things that I had made this year. A lot of it involved going back through my Instagram feed and seeing what was on there. So it’s always possible that I’ve missed things along the way. I attempted to try and create it in some kind of date order but that didn’t really happen – so it’s just a list but 2023 is going to be different! 

  1. Pink and White Baby Blanket
  2. Rainbow Blanket by The Pigeon’s Nest – Pattern
  3. Yuletide Blanket by Attic 24 – pattern (all 3 attempts – eventually settled on a Granny Stripe Blanket – pattern)
  4. Special Stripe Blanket – PatternBlog Post
  5. Yes You CardiCan by The Pigeon’s Nest – Pattern
  6. Aria Blanket by Attic 24 – Pattern
  7. Ocean Moon MKAL – got frogged – Pattern (Ravelry) / Pattern (Etsy)
  8. Danish Flag Bunting
  9. Tour de France Bunting (Pattern available here)
  10. B’s Christmas Jumper – French Macaroon Jumper – Pattern (Ravelry)
  11. R’s Christmas Jumper – Tweedy JuniorHedgehog Fibres
  12. Knitted Flat Socks by Germander Cottage
  13. Winter Peaks Hat by Tea, Cake and Make
  14. Coziest Autumn Beanie by The Chesapeake Needle – Pattern
  15. Grey/Blue Socks – based on Crazy Sock Lady’s DK Vanilla Socks – Pattern (Ravelry)
  16. Shawlography by Stephen West – Pattern
  17. Super Socks (Lang Yarns Super Soxx – DK Vanilla Socks by Crazy Sock Lady – Pattern (Ravelry)
  18. Jaxon’s Rainbow Hat
  19. K’s Christmas Jumper (Tweedy JuniorHedgehog Fibres)
  20. B2’s Christmas Jumper
  21. E’s Christmas Blanket
  22. A’s Christmas Blanket
  23. *Outfoxed Shawl by Olga Fedoryak (aka GothamKnits) – Pattern
  24. *Yuletide Blanket (all 3 attempts) by Attic 24 – Pattern (Yuletide Blanket) – Granny Stripe Blanket – Pattern
  25. *Methera Luna by Karie WestermannPattern (Ravelry)
  26. *Petite Knits Slipover by PetiteKnit – Pattern
  27. *Stormy Sweater by Handknits and HyggePattern
  28. *Aurora Cabin Shawl by West Knits/Stephen West (Pattern)

*As I write this post, these are still to be finished but hopefully by the time the post goes live they will be finished or closer to being finished… or the start of my list for 2023!

Here’s to starting the project list for 2023….

  1. Aurora Cabin Shawl by West Knits/Stephen West (Pattern – and then I frogged it – you can read about that here)
  2. Yuletide Blanket (all 3 attempts) by Attic 24
  3. Methera Luna by Karie Westermann
  4. Novice Slipover by PetiteKnit
  5. Stormy Sweater by Handknits and Hygge
  6. Outfoxed Shawl by Olga Fedoryak