310: This Weekend I…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I….finally went to Bletchley Park and it was awesome!! Dad, Our Sidekick and Me set off for the train station at about 9am to catch the 9:33 train. Well that was the plan anyway. We got on the train and waited, and waited some more. Then after about ten minutes of sitting in the platform the announcer said to the effect that the train had broken down and we were all going to be kicked off. We ended up getting a replacement taxi service to Bletchley train station, which was fine. Until the driver decided to answer his phone while driving. Well done mr taxi driver.

This Weekend I…. overslept epically and missed church. Then again Chris did too. Clearly we needed it or something, Our Sidekick tapped on the door and tried to tell us off nut kept laughing instead.

This Weekend I…. got very excited about going to see Phantom of The Opera in MK with my mum.

This Weekend I…. on Friday I got an iPad mini. In fact I got the last one in Currys. They were down to the last black model in the 16GB size. Part of me wishes I’d waited for a wifi + Cellular model but actually once I change mobile network in December it should fix the issue as I’ll be on a better data plan for my mobile.

It’s a bit of a short post this week between going on an adventure with Mum and attempting to kick Nanowrimo in the butt.


    • Hannah says:

      The Ian Fleming one is still there. It’s in one of the smaller huts and was a little bit cold but got us in the mood for seeing SkyFall yesterday.

      My Dad did some training courses there so was telling us where his room was and where he’d dinner and things like that.

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