BEDA Day 7 (101 Things Recap)

Having been doing 101 Things since the end of March I decided that it was about time that I had a recap of what I’ve done and what is left to do. I’ve managed to lose 5 of my goals – so if anyone has suggestions to add then let me know.


  1. Buy an external hard drive.
  2. Go to the cinema on my own.
  3. Attend a Girl Geek Event in London
  4. Build a blanket fort.
  5. Eat a meal inside a blanket fort.
  6. Visit a foreign country
  7. Go to Paris
  8. Re-dye my hair
  9. Start a new blog
  10. Organise my clothes and donate what I don’t wear.
  11. Find a new penpal.
  12. Surprise someone (with a visit, flowers, something nice).
  13. Sing at Karaoke.
  14. Buy a copy of the Manga Bible.
  15. Ride the Paris Metro.
  16. Ask for directions in French and don’t whimp out by pointing!
  17. Ride the Eurostar
  18. Visit the Louvre Museum in Paris
  19. Stand underneath the Eiffel Tower, Paris
  20. Complete one sewing project
  21. Update my Amazon WishList after my 24th Birthday
  22. Purchase The West Wing
  23. Watch The West Wing
  24. Do Race for Life at least once.
  25. Discover 3 new groups or artists that I like (3/3)
  26. Read Quintessential Tarantino
  27. Not start any new notebooks until I have finished the ones I have on the go – Use one at a time as necessary (work/home etc).
  28. Take part in Script Frenzy 2010
  29. Purchase/find a notebook for the above task
  30. Sort out the box on to of the wardrobe
  31. Attempt to make an item of clothing from scratch.
  32. Watch Season 1 of A Town Called Eureka. (12/12)
  33. Hug CJ once a day (at least!) (/1001)
  34. Aim to have £500 in saving at the end of the time period (200/500)
  35. Watch the World Cup Final (11th July 2010)
  36. Add 10 new blogs to my RSS reader (10/10)

In Progress

  1. Read 100 books (15/100)
  2. Watch 100 films (54/100)
  3. Send some fun mail to 5 friends. (4/5)
  4. Watch 26 movies starting with each letter of the Alphabet (21/26)
  5. Try 5 new foods (3/5)
  6. Write a letter a month ()
  7. Watch at least 50% of the IMDB top 250 (0/125)
  8. Read the bible from start to finish (2/66 – tick off by book)
  9. Complete Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games
  10. Go to 5 Different museums (1/5)
  11. Fill a notebook with arty bits and pieces
  12. Practice Bass Guitar once a week
  13. Schedule and complete 4 No Tech Day days (1/4)
  14. Send a random text message to someone in my mobile phonebook once a week
  15. Host 5 swaps on Swap-Bot (1/5)
  16. Watch two films a month (minimum)
  17. For every day in August 2010 take a photo (6/31)
  18. Keep a journal of my 101 and what I do for each.

Still Do To

  1. Attend a Concert
  2. Build a snowman
  3. Get paid for my photography
  4. Write a short story (0/3500)
  5. Borrow 5 books from the library (0/5)
  6. Return the 5 books on time (0/5)
  7. Complete NaBloPoMo properly (November 2010)
  8. Complete NaNoWriMo properly (November 2011)
  9. Attend #140Conf London 2010.
  10. Attend #140Conf London 2011.
  11. Read the 6 Jane Austen Novels (0/6).
  12. Meet one of my pen pals (Ruby in Aussie, Paige in S. Korea/Ireland, Rob in Kansas, or Becca in Norwich).
  13. Put 5 items in my Etsy Store (0/5).
  14. Complete a whole knitted project.
  15. Get a new car key cut.
  16. Take my parents out for dinner.
  17. Donate blood at least 4 times.
  18. Go an entire day without being negative.
  19. Finish writing a story.
  20. Go to Soul Survivor.
  21. Go into town and give out Free Hugs
  22. Complete Super Mario Wii
  23. Cook Boeuf Bourguignon (the Julia Child’s recipe!!)
  24. Learn to fix my bike
  25. Read my bible at least 3 times a week
  26. Fill my Round Robin Journal (The Black covered one)
  27. Sort out my pens.
  28. Learn how to make a Soufflé
  29. Go vegetarian for Lent (2011)
  30. Give up Chocolate for Lent (2012)
  31. Do the LOTR (film) trilogy in one sitting.
  32. See a Shakespeare play.
  33. Train and run for the Sports Relief Mile 2011
  34. Read War and Peace by Tolstoy
  35. Make 3 items of jewelry from my homemade beads
  36. Make 20 (more) home made beads
  37. Attend a craft workshop
  38. Get my hair trimmed at least once every 3 months
  39. Meet @beccaspeaks in person.
  40. Take part in Operation Christmas Child both years (0/2)
  41. Go a full 7 days consecutively without touching the computer for anything but work (0/7).
  42. Plan my next 101 things for the next 1001 days.
  43. (Missing)
  44. (Missing)
  45. (Missing)
  46. (Missing)
  47. (Missing)

I seem to have lost 5 goals?!? Where did they go?


    • Hannie says:

      Yep. Hopefully or at least eventually. Concert tickets tend to be a bit on the expensive side so I might see if there is a local gig I can go to.

      I’m playing at a gig of sorts in two weeks but that doesn’t really count lol

  1. Rickie says:

    Love this but where do you get the time! I guess you’re always doing something (like me)!
    Can’t think of anything to add right now – will let you know if I do.

    Recommend Cherry Ghost for a band to see.

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