339: Review – November

Review 2012

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two
Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel
Seeking A Friend For The End of The World

The Good Life (Season 1 – again!)
Warehouse 13 (Season 1 and 2 borrowed from Rich)

The Month in Bullets

  • I got an iPad Mini. I wasn’t sure about going for a full size one or a mini one but once I held it I knew a Mini would be better. It’s much lighter and makes it easier to just “throw” in my handbag and take it with me. I blogged in the pub while Mum was away from our table and I caught up with my word count for NaMoWriMo on the bus. I got a wifi only which caused a few issues while on my previous contract as the hotspot eats data but on my new tariff I’m on unlimited data plan (well fair use) so don’t have to worry about that.
  • Mum and I went to see The Phantom of The Opera. It was really good especially the chandelier bits. It would have been better if we had been a bit further forward but it was still seriously good.
  • I did a bunch of training at work which meant I had a 6 day week but on the other hand I gained time off in lieu which was good as it meant that me and Chris could go on holiday for a full week rather than 3 and a bit days as we originally thought.
  • Because of said training I got to meet another one of my US based colleagues which was seriously awesome. She brought with her some goodies that My US Work Sidekick organised for me and the office. My own present was a Whoopie Pie Tray aka Moon Pie Tray. Can’t wait to try it out!
  • We went to Scotland – posts to follow.
  • Kathy, Mum and Me went to see the Hairy Bikes live at Cambridge. It was awesome! By the interval I was glad for the break – my face and my ribs were hurting from laughing so heart!
  • Chris and I went for a holiday. We went up to Scotland for a week. I’m working on blog posts about what we did and the pictures from our trip.
  • If that wasn’t enough mum and I booked some other tickets this month which is super exciting especially as one is like next Spring!

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