338: Dear Monday / This Weekend I….

Dear Monday
Dear Monday, I hope you hold a quiet week, my colleague is off work for the rest of the week sort from one morning or afternoon. I could be crying by Friday lol.

Dear Chris, I’m not sure I really saw you this weekend. You were there and I was too but between sleep, work and church I’m not sure hat happened. We did have a supermarket trip so that was good.

Dear Our Sidekick, thank you thank you thank you for looking after me and cleaning the kitchen and loading the dishwasher on Friday. I was having a horrible day and you knew exactly what would help me stress less. Thank you.

Dear RAH, I swear every time I visit I still get gob smacked at the gods and how high it is. This time we were on the other side near the organ. Thankfully it wasn’t too loud.

Dear Chris, today we had a visitor thanks for working super hard while I was at work to get the house ready. I know it was hard as you’ve not being feeling 100%.

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… slept. Too much lol. I woke up about 9ish and then went to sleep again until 11.30. Oops!

This Weekend I… got myself kicked out if an Etsy group. Not from being mean, malicious or anything like that. Apparently from under use……I hadn’t joined in the community enough. Oh we’ll.

This Weekend I… watched lots of Les Mis videos on YouTube.

This Weekend I… went to the RAH to sin in a mass choir for The Messiah From Scratch. This year we were Altos.

This Weekend I… got some of the Christmas shopping sorted – hopefully it’ll all arrive in time as one item is quoted at 7 to 23 days! Making the last day of delivery Christmas Eve.

This Weekend I… started Christmas rehearsals for the church production. I read in as Elizabeth and ended up with the part. Eek!

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