Where were you?

What were you doing when?

Thanks to Judy for this Meme. I wasn’t actually tagged – I just borrowed the meme

Five events and the opportunity to record the impact they had on you:

Princess Diana’s death – 31 August 1997

I was 11, it was getting to the end of the school holidays and we were about to go back and start year 7. I’d just had the most rubbish year at school and was looking forward to a new form group and a new start. I don’t remember that much about it just that there was this accident and Princess Di died and that it was all over the papers and the news and stuff like that. I guess I was a bit young to know how much it had affected people.

Margaret Thatcher’s resignation – 22 November 1990

I was 4 ish so Rainbow was more my thing rather than politics lol.

Attack on the twin towers – 11 September 2001

I was 15. I was in Year 11 at school we’d been back about a week maybe even less than that. I remember that day cos it was a Tuesday and I went to my Grandma’s after school. I’d been to talk to my teacher after the lesson and the other music teacher walked into the classroom and said something like “the twins have fallen” – I wasn’t really paying attention – she could have been talking about Big Brother for all I knew lol.

My Mum picked me up and my cousin had come with my Mum to pick me up from school – so we had music on in the car rather than the news.
We got to Grandma’s and my Aunt was just stood like frozen in the middle of the conservatory staring at the TV – my grandma had got BBC news on and they just kept playing the same few bits of footage.

If you read Judy’s post at her blog she comments about where she was during the London Bombings. I was at home that day, my friend texted me and asked had I seen the news, I said that “No I’m asleep enjoying uni holidays”. He said I needed to get up and put it on – so I did. I then rang like 5 of my uni friends who lived in London or who might have gone up for the day. I left a rather garbled message on my friends answerphone – she was on a course in Poole! (Thats like the south coast – bottom right hand corner!)

England’s World Cup semi final v Germany – 4 July 1990

Again 4ish – I didn’t get into and back out of football until my teenage years.

President Kennedy’s Assassination – 22 November 1963

I wasn’t even a twinkle in 1963. My Mum would have just celebrated her 1st birthday as she was born August 1962. My grandparents probably have more chance of remembering it hehe.

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