So those of you reading my blog and are in the States are already aware of this and whats going on. But to my readers here in the UK on Facebook and here at my Blog.
(I took the picture out as the picture from the BBC was updating itself and kept changing!)

So the big cloud blocking out Cuba is Hurricane Gustav. At present this is a Category 4 storm which is apparently one below Category 5 which is the most destructive. A category 5 storm has winds equal to or greater that 70mph – thats the speed at which most people go at down the Motorway in the UK.

The scale that the Meterologists and Storm Chasers etc measure storms by is called the Saffir-Simpson Scale. I tried to copy and paste but was having trouble with it lol so here is a link. This will take you to the Wikipedia site about the Hurricane Scale.

On the picture from the lovely people at BBC Weather the cloudy blob to the right of Gustav is what could change into Hurricane Hanna. I also read earlier in the week that the names only change if it’s really memorable.

(Just in case you are like me and have to read it every few years so I remember why) Hurricanes are given names so that the nice people at the National Hurricane Center in the States can track storms as they move over the ocean and then unfortunately onto land which can cause the most damage.

Often the storms are refered to as “Tropical Storm 4” or something like that until it becomes big enough and then they change the number for a name. They start at A and work through to Y (minus Q, U and Z). That all started in 1953 (apparently) by the U.S. National Weather Service and they started with female names for storms (which Chris thinks is great that the next one is Hurricane Hanna as he can use it as a new nickname or something!)

By the late Seventies it was changed that women and mens names would be used.

The World Meterological Organization uses six lists in rotation. The same lists are reused every six years. (So if Hanna doesn’t cause a massive problem it’ll reappear in 2014 – I’ll be 28 – scary!!!!!!) The only time a new name is added is if a hurricane is very deadly or costly – for example Katrina will have been removed from the list three years ago and a new name will have been added to the list.

I need to go to bed now but I am going to try and add an update tomorrow morning/afternoon.

Please be praying for the families that have had to evacuate and please pray for the guys and girlies at groups like The Red Cross who are going to be organising relief for those who are displaced and those who are affected.

Please pray for the police and fire services who will be looking out for people as well.

My parents have got friend who live in Florida – as far as we know they are over here in the UK at the moment but we think they might be in Florida.

Hugs to all. 🙂 ok that smiley face is like evil!!!!!

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