40 Acts (Part 3 – Day 6)

40Acts - Doing Lent Generously
I decided that this year would also be the one when I actively tried to take part in 40acts. I get the emails sent to me each Lent but often for one reason or another I don’t manage to do it. While Jaxon eats his breakfast in the morning I get reading the email so I can figure out how we can fit our day around the tasks for the day.

Day 6


Start simple: gather together a few bags of stuff to take to your local charity shop. And not just the scraps, people – let’s give some good stuff away too!


Go back to your circles – who might need what you’ve got? This may take a little more thought and effort (e.g. sorting out bundles of kids’ clothes, digging out old tools, fixing an old bike ready for giving away, or wiping a laptop). Be intentional about what you give and to whom.

I didn’t do this challenge today. Not because it wasn’t achievable or because I didn’t want to but because we have already in a way been doing this.

If you read my blog regularly you will have seen that we’ve been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, Chris started reading it and got very excited. I’ve been trying to catch up. I think in the first few days we had already cleared out five or six bags of clothes or other items that we no longer needed.

Following The Konmari Method of tidying, is about tidying and clearing out in a specific way and order. Rather than tidying room by room, for example, you get out everything in one category and start with that. (For example, watch this video from Ali Brown)

So we started with clothes about a week and a bit ago, filling about 6-8 bin bags between us. That sounds sort of crazy but there are jumpers but that although I kept because I might wear them one day, I hadn’t honestly worn in over two years.

Having sorted the clothes we’ve realised that we don’t need as much storage as we do have so with some repacking I think we’re going to get rid of one of the chest of drawers but we need to unpack and repack everything but for nowwe’re working through the categories listed in the book.

I sorted some of Jaxon’s clothes at the weekend so they are going to go to some of our friends who have little boys fractionally younger than Jaxon. So that’s good we can pass on hand me downs.

Chris has moved onto paperwork which is after clothes and books. He’s been shredding older paperwork like bills and bank statements. I think some he found were pre-marriage so really weren’t needed any more.

These two bin bags arrived in the hall way last night after his latest mission moment for tidying.

I need to work on reading the book and figure out how I’m going to do the next steps, I think Chris is including my penpal letters, writing materials and craft stuff under paperwork, so I need to gather all my stuff together in one place and get it sorted now that could really be a challenge!

How did you do on yesterday’s challenge?