How I Use My Bullet Journal – Part 1

I actually came across Bullet Journaling a while ago but at first I couldn’t see the benefit. I think when I was in a full-time job and it was just Chris and I it didn’t make much sense. Now I’m self-employed, trying to keep up with Jaxon and Our Sidekick it’s helpful to have a “catch-all” notebook that I can scribble stuff in.  How I Use My Bullet Journal - Part One

I have settled into using a Moleskine hardback notebook with grid pages. I did have a Leuchturm in turquoise but I’m not sure what happened to it. Although I haven’t entirely followed the Bullet Journal method completely I used my existing books before Christmas to try and get into the swing of things before buying a new notebook. I decided that I would start 2016 in a red Moleskine. so here we go, this is my bullet journal system. Lovely bullet journals
I’m about two thirds of the way through my red Moleskine so I ordered a new notebook last week. I had meant to order the A5 Leuchturm in Orange but when it arrived I had ordered the A6. I’m not letting this deter me though. I found my old Kindle case and it happens to be just the right size for my A6 notebook, it also fits my iPhone and at least one pen so it might be possible to go out with a smaller handbag when I’m not on Jaxon duty.

I’d seen pretty planners like this one above by Geraldine Jayne but wasn’t sure how to get from that to decorating my Bullet Journal. I then saw posts by Kara at Boho Berry and joined a couple of groups on Facebook and the thing about Bullet Journalling is that you can make your own. If you don’t like your set up, tweak it until you do.

I decided to give in and purchase some stickers. I do have a bunch already but they are decorative ones rather than ones that work with weekly spreads (if that makes sense!). I figured I would start with weekend banners so found some on Oh So Simple Designs. These arrived earlier this week and I got started on decorating.

I think the little red and white ones with hearts on were a bonus little sampler. I decided to draw out my pages for March so I could stick the stickers in. Just have to hope they are in the right place otherwise I’ll have February notes after my March “weekly” pages.

Everyone has their own method but that’s the great thing about the Bullet Journal system. Whether you’ve got a scruffy £1 notebook or a Leuchtturm or a Moleskine (or even something super lovely like a Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter notebook system!) you can draw and redraw your pages until they work for you and that’s the great thing about it. Unlike a set printed and bound planner that you can’t adapt.

Do you use a bullet journal? Do you have a favourite brand or size of notebooks? 


    • Hannah says:

      I am on my first proper filled cover to cover as my last two were filling the remaining pages in other books. I did post a flick through on Instagram of what it’s like so far. If you’d like to see it I can tag you in the post. I normally go for an A5 size but ordered the wrong size so my next one is going to be an A6 (along side my “work” one which is a larger size Moleskine). I’ll make sure I snap some pictures.

    • Hannah says:

      I draw out a page to a view at the beginning of the month and any future dates outside of that go in my phone diary which then syncs with my husband, mum and foster son so hopefully we all end up in the same places when we’re supposed to be and don’t end up double booked! What do you use now?

  1. startraci says:

    I haven’t used a bullet journal yet but I am now very interested to try. Yours is really cute! I am currently using a pretty planner but I love how the bullet journal creates memories.

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