#40Acts – Day One: Pledge

Day One: Pledge

#40Acts - Day One: Pledge
Image from the #40Acts daily prompt email
  • Green Option: Set a reminder for each of the next 40 days to prompt you into that day’s act.
  • Yellow Option: Get an accountability partner who’ll keep you to your word (and your acts).
  • Red Option: Write a post on social media for each day’s act. Alternatively, start a daily diary or blog. Invite others to join in.

I’ve ended up blogging about what I’m up to. I’m going to try and stay on track but I’m not sure I will always have the opportunity to complete the acts. As I work from home, ones that need to do things for my colleagues or something like that might be a challenge. Maybe need to come up with a plan to do those on Knitting Group days or something like that.