#40Acts – Day Two: People Watch

Image from the #40Acts daily prompt email
  • Green Option: Watch for needs. Get rid of usual distractions – the paper, or your phone – for the length of your commute, or for a long stretch of time when you’ll be around others.
  • Yellow Option: At midday and 3pm (or two other times if these don’t work), spend five minutes actively looking for an opportunity to be generous. 
  • Red Option: Put your phone on airplane mode for 1–2 hours (or as long as is practical). When you go to reach for your phone, let that moment be a prompt to think up a generous act for someone.

After House Group, Chris came home with a plan. As a group, we were going to bless one of our house group families. They’ve been having a rough time of it recently and just as they seem to get over one issue, another appears causing them to be back at Square One again. So this almost became our act for today (alhtough technically part one is taking part tomorrow!)