A + E Part Three

This is part three of three. You can find all three parts here.

We waited around to see a Doctor (although from what the triage nurse had said I thought we were just going to have to wait until 10:30 for the tests.) The doctor was cool! Me, The Pastor and friend went into see the doctor and we chatted about stuff like what had happened and why Friend had decided that suicide was his only option. We talked about medical history and stuff like that. My friend is asthmatic but when the doctor didn’t ask which type of inhalors I asked did he need to know the specific ones (How many times have we seen it on ER or Casualty and the doctors have got the wrong treatment because they’ve been given an incorrect medical history).

We then went back out to the waiting room and waited for the tests. CJ decided that he wanted some food. I wasn’t really hungry as I was still shaking and feeling like jelly from the adrenaline/shock. (At about 1:30 I began to regret this especially when I really fancied a visit to the Golden Arches) Half past 10 came and went as they were kinda busy. At about 10:40 the cool Doc stuck his head round the door and apologised for the delay, he said that someone would be with us soon and that he was sorry for the delay.

We were seen at about 11pm for the blood test. Friend is scared of needles so I went in with him. I probably didn’t help things as I kept talking about how cool giving blood was and at least a blood test was like 3 or 4 minutes whereas giving blood is like 10 minutes or more (I always lose the concept of time while giving blood because some bits are really quick and other bits take ages to get through.) I was doing the science geek bit as well, I asked the nurse about why there were 3 tubes, and what they were testing for and stuff like that (is it even weirder that I googled it to read more about blood tests?)

Now came the longest wait. We were waiting to speak to one of the Psych nurses/doctors/people about the whole situation as they were able to give more help and get my friend a psychologist or psychiatrist to talk to about all the stuff that is getting to him and causing him to feel suicidal. (The difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that one is medically trained and can actually be called a doctor whereas the other can be called a doctor but isn’t medically trained – like if you have a doctorate in drama you’re a doctor but not medically trained lol).

Anyhoo so my Friend gets called into speak to the psych lady and at first we were all going to go in together so that friend had me or The Pastor there for moral support (as we’ve both heard most of the background stuff that is getting him down). The Psych lady asked that we waited in the waiting room and she would come back for us after she’d spoken to our friend. The psych lady asked the Pastor if he was Friend’s Dad and I think this freaked him out a bit seeing as The Pastors Daughter is like two or three years older than me. (Bearing in mind that I’m 22!)

So we went back to waiting in the waiting room – we even tried watching Churchill The Hollywood Years with no sound on. About an hour and a half we were called in as Friend had been talking lots. We ended up sitting in one if the paediatric cubicles – so I looked at the mural on the wall – it was a sky line of London which was really cool. We chatted about what was going to happen over the next few days as the Crisis Team would come to visit to discuss over further assessment and treatment to see what they can do to get stuff sorted.

When we’d finished with the Psych Lady we were allowed to go home. The Pastor and his wife dropped us back at our car which we’d abandoned in town. We went straight home and didn’t really say anything to each other just got in bed and went to sleep – next thing I knew it was 10am and CJ was telling me about the plans he’d made for the day so we didn’t stay home on our own.


  1. Elle says:

    How’s your friend doing now?

    Sounds like it was an exhausting ordeal for you as well – hope you’re okay too! :0)

  2. God's Rock Angel says:

    He’s ok – well he was a little down earlier but I think he’d just had a bad day and as he was down anyway it just made everything that little bit worse.

    He’s been talking to the Crisis team loads which is good.

    CJ has also booked an appointment to see a counsellor person regarding Wednesday. Maybe I’m Borg or Vulcan – why do I seem to be so chilled about the whole event now?

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