The One with…..hanging out and band practice

Okay so I’ve been writing this on and off all day but I’ve finally got it to my blog rather than a Word Document or an E-Mail. So here we go:

It’s now Monday lunchtime and it’s taken me about four days to write and check over the events of Wednesday. I gained permission of my Friend to post about it incase he felt it was too personal to be shared elsewhere. I also send him each section of the posts so that he could double check that I’d not mentioned people by name rather than alias and stuff like that.

CJ’s plan involved us going to Pastor Mow Mow’s house and chatting with him and the other Pastor about all the stuff that had happened and what we felt about it. This was good as Pastor Mow Mow had/has had depression on and off over the last few years he can give us the insiders opinion whereas me and CJ have been close to be it but always on the outside of it. (If that makes sense).

Even though I’m the more emotional one out of me and CJ it seems to have affected him more. Have I been watching too many medical dramas and become desensitized to it or something?

So anyway Thursday we had the chat in the morning and then at about 11:30 Mrs Mow Mow arrived home and Pastor Mow Mow had to go out. I spent a lot of Thursday at the Mow Mow’s house. We had lunch with Mrs Mow Mow which was cheese on toast.

We ended up playing Xbox for most of the afternoon and I picked up Lambkin from school (he looked a bit worried that he’d been forgotten – I couldn’t find him in the playground at first – I was kinda worried too!). Lambkin and me went to the shops for some new batteries (the ones in the controller were dying!) and some potatoes. I think I embarrassed him by walking up the street singing Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Well he was either embarrassed or confused as to how I know the lyrics! We got back and CJ was playing Xbox and then Lambkin had ago. I went and got his book bag and he needed to do some reading so we put the game on pause while we did the reading. It was four pages long that we needed to do and Lambkin did really well. He struggles on some words like zapped (how do you explain zapped to a 7yo? I used some rubbish Batman analogy!)

When we’d done the reading he was allowed to go back on the Xbox for a little while – apparently it had been a real treat to have it on that long! Oops! Mrs Mow Mow invited us to stay for tea as well which was really lovely – we had home made burgers which were fab.

CJ went off for a little while as he needed to go and set up the wireless at one of our friend’s house. (Their son got an iPod Touch for Christmas so they decided as a treat that they would get wireless internet.)

Before he left I asked him to go home and get my bass but I guess he didn’t understand or something. I texted him to make sure he was going to get it and he texted back saying no he wasn’t at the car was still with me not with him. Once he got back to Pastor Mow Mow’s house I went home to get my bass guitar.

We went to band practice and it was sooo good! We’ve just split into two bands and it’s going reasonably well – our band line up is still temporary but I love our line up. I would tweak a few bits but ultimately it doesn’t come down to individual preference and you never know God has got reasons for the line up and why we’re in the groups that we’re in – don’t you think?

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