A + E Part Two

This is part two of three. You can find all three parts here.

So here we get to the second half.

We got into the police car and headed down tot he ground floor. The policemen told the paramedics that they could stand down and didn’t need to wait.

We then headed off to A+E. Friend remained silent all the way even when the policemen asked friend various questions like how friend had got there (I ended up asking him questions that could be answered yes or no so that friend didn’t have to think too much)

I checked Friend’s phone and friend had like 4 messages and a couple of missed calls so I replied to the texts as one from from friend’s wife and the other message was from a family friend who’d heard about what was going on.

When I got to A+E I had a spazz of my own. I was so determined to get Friend seen to and stuff that I had a little panic when I couldn’t open the car door – there was a child lock on the door!

The police walked us in to the Reception in case Friend tried to do a runner or anything. When we were booked in at reception the police decided that they would wait outside across the car park from the exit just in case there were any problems. I stood with Friend at the desk while friend booked himself in. After about two questions he’d had enough of talking so I had to fill in the details and the rest of the info I could remember off the top of my head from what friend had told me in other conversations. Once we’d booked in and the Associate Pastor and his wife arrived, me and CJ went out and chatted to the police and said that Friend had calmed down and was booked in. As there were people with us as well the police were happy to leave us.

While we waited to be seen by the triage team, Friend’s Wife and a family friend arrived at the hospital. We sat down and I filled them in with what had happened so far. After a little while  we were called in and Friend and Friend’s wife asked me to go in as well so that I could recite the info and what had happened.

The triage nurse asked about whether Friend would like some help from a professional, at first friend said no and was awkward about whether he wanted help  but then Friend’s Wife turned to him and told him that he needed to get help. He wouldn’t listen to her and she got up and left the triage room. I stayed and told my Friend that He needed the help, either the fact that it was coming from me or that his wife left and then I told him to get on with it but he realised that he needed to accept help while the offer was there.

The nurse said that they’d sort someone to come to see him and that we would need to wait for a blood test which would be taken at 10:30 (as this was about 4 hours since the pills were taken – if you want a medical lesson and all the reasons for it I can give it but not at this moment in time).

We went back out to the waiting room and waited. My friend’s wife asked if someone to get her some chocolate or something similar to help with the shock. The family friend offered to go to the shop and she headed off about 3 or 4 minutes later she re-appeared and asked us all if we would like anything from the shop. By this point it had kinda kicked in that I was seriously thirsty (later on it dawned on me that I actually hadn’t had any tea apart from a chocolate biscuit!). I wanted something sugary but I really couldn’t wait for a hot chocolate to cool down.