A Him-him (Rather than a Meme!)

I stole this from Popping Bubbles.

What is his name? Chris (aka CJ)

Who eats more? Me actually I think!!

Who said I love you first? I’m not sure I think I scared CJ – I know I didn’t want to say it till I knew it was right – so it could have been me.

Who is taller? Depends what shoes are being worn – he is usually taller but only by a little bit.

Who drives most when you are together? I do, Mainly because it saves stress when it comes to adjusting the chair as I drive the most anyway.

Who’s more sensitive? Me!

Who does the laundry? Chris, unless I am short of clothes then I do it.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Depends standing at the foot or the head of the bed – I’m on the right from the foot.

Who pays the bills? Depends what the bills are for I think I pay the most though.

Who cooks more? Chris – fairy cakes or pasta are about my limit!

Who is more stubborn? Again depends.

Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Me which usually means I say I’m sorry he says “It’s ok” and never apologises for being mean

Who has more siblings? We are even I have one brother he has one sister.

Who wears the pants? I’d like to say we are equal but I think he wears slightly more.

What do you like to do together? I like to watch films but CJ likes to go for walks (I don’t like the outside!)

Who eats more sweets? Me, he is often like health freak and makes me eat my 5-a-day.

Guilty pleasures? His guilty pleasures or mine? He likes playing Age of Empries which I used to like but don’t really get on with.

How did you meet? This is a long one – can I come back to it?

Who asked whom out first? Me – well if it had been up to him the first time round we’d still be friends.

Who kissed first? Me, as I said I think Chris was scared of me!

Who proposed? He did….he wrote a treasure hunt that ended at my Grandparents house, with an audience of my parents, my grandparents and my two best friends.

His best features and qualities? Erm, he is a techie, if you want disco lights he rocks, he redesigned my blog for me and although it took him like 3 months he got there in the end – mainly because it was ammo in every falling out so it was apology design.

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  1. perpstu says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, feel free to steal all the meme’s you want! This is a fun list and I love to see other people’s answers!

    Have a great week!


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