A Rambling Note

I woke up late this morning which was not good so I got to work at like 10 past 9.Yesterday me and CJ had two disagreements about little things. Have you been in a relationship where you feel like every move that you do is being scrutinised and assessed like it’s an exam or something?

We went to the supermarket which was a struggle, CJ wants to involve me but rather than involving me he just gives instructions and tells me what to get. He says he wants to include me because I’m picky about what I eat. But then when I pick what I would like I’m wrong and it should be something else. For example, I like tinned new potatoes – don’t ask me why in particular but I do, CJ on the other hand prefers fresh ones that come with the mud still on them – I can’t stand them, even when they’ve been washing and cooked, they still taste of mud lol.

Anyhoo, this morning was not a good start but now it’s 10:40ish and it’s looking up. The temp girl asked me about what Twitter is, I didn’t do a very good job explaining it to her but was able to find a few links for information either from the top of my head or just from a search engine rather than actually going on the site (I went onto Obama’s quickly just to make sure that I had the link correct). She also said that I was good with computers so she thought I’d know about it lol.

Finishing my lunch at high speed, I went into town but it was mad – the private schools have kicked out at lunch time today for the Easter break (yes people and then they don’t go back till the 24th April or something random like that. Whereas the other schools break up next week.) I think I might go to the cinema this evening.


  1. Sara says:

    I got a little freaked out this weekend when a 55+ woman asked me for my journal addy and my Twitter info.! I don’t want her reading my stuff, she’s a friends MIL. Weirdness. She was asking me questions about both things in detail.

    I do all the grocery shopping, just for the reasons you have stated. Greg eats what I buy, if he doesn’t like it, he shops. *LOL* Only has happened 4 times, each time I had either a baby or surgery. It’s one of those weird couple things.

  2. Dawn says:

    i used to be in a relationship like that! needless to say it ended in a huge fight! glad its over. im still picky when it comes to what i eat. my husband understands it though. sometimes i make 2 different things just so we are both happy. its more work but less complaining. 🙂 stand your ground and don’t let him change your mind! be who you are and if he doesnt like it show him the door! love the blog!

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Hey Thank you for visiting! I am standing up to him especially this week as he’s not been doing his uni work.

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