The Wonders of Links here there and everywhere!

When I first started blogging I used to read a post then take the first link form the comment then read the first post (or more if I liked them LOTS) and then picked a link from the comments. Instead today now that I have worked out how to drop Entrecards I have a list of fab blogs to go read.

So here we go:

The first blog I started with was Angelika’s blog. Now I love Angelika’s blog and go read it every time she posts. She loves House M.D. and thinks that Hugh Laurie is the No 1 guy on the planet lol.

Following that I went to Of Living and Loving… and Coping. This blog is authored by PinkLady. On the 25th January 2005 her husband past away. She writes about her life and her path through grieving for her husband.

Next up is… (Drum roll) Without Dash. I loved this blog – on the first post that I saw was a really cool advert that was for Lux – it was very vintage and very cool!

I also travelled through Girltime Coaching. The Author of the website is called Christine Spencer and she is a Life Coach, followed by Speak Wealth Now, Personal Budgeting and Internet Income. These are both about personal finance so if thats your thing and you wanna read about it theres the place to find it.

After a quick trip the loo and starting the next episode of The West Wing I parked in front of my Mac and carried on. Next in the list was Goo from Another Dimension and it was so cool I actually have to post the cartoon cos it rocked.

The next in the line was Tomorrow is Here, unfortunately i didn’t spend very long on this site as there seemed to be lots of links and not much else.

The link that followed was to Hollow Whispers I love the banner image as it looks like anime or manga – which I love!

There were a couple of links which were to marketing blogs rather than social life blogs.

The next one that follow is called The Story of a Girl – I loved the Sidebars as they are crammed with images and bible verses like my favourite which is Matt 11:30 – I have this one written on a piece of paper and it’s bluetacked to my monitor at work.

Then last but not least when I decided that I needed to stop writing this post and find something else to do was How’s Your Blog?. There are just soooo many pictures on it!


  1. Without Dash says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog! I only found this post today.
    Entrecard is a nice way to find some new blogs, I think so too. While dropping, I read the latest post of each blog (or at least the interesting looking posts, because I hate to read PPP posts). If the topic touches me, I usually leave a comment. A long comment. Like this one. I have noticed that people (like you) follow the links in the comments if the comment is interesting enough.
    This way I help three people, right? The blog owner gets a little extra text. The visitor a new link to follow to a great blog (mine). And myself another visitor.

    So, thanks! For visiting and mentioning.

  2. Brooke says:

    Thanks so much for including “the story of a girl” I’m honored. Let me know if I ever slip and need to update the sidebars! Your on my blog roll now. Thanks again.

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