A Story For You….

So last week I received an email from Kate and with her permission I posted this blog post. Well I decided that I needed to put the idea in to practice.

Ages ago I was taken ill outside work one morning and I was a little scared because I wasn’t really well enough to drive myself home so that got me in a bit of a twist. A lovely lady came to my rescue and gave me a lift home. Oh dear I just looked back through my posts. It was February!

Okay so that kinda explains her reaction lol. So back in February I was taken ill so on Thursday I left a card under the windscreen wiper with something along the lines of I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to say thank you but I am super grateful.

Well I bumped into her on Friday and she said thank you and that I didn’t have to but I’m kinda hoping it made her day.

So go try it, say thank you to the milkman, postman and whoever else lol. Thanks Kate 🙂

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