Because I’m Worth It


So this post started as a rant about the girl in the supermarket and size but then having read two other blog posts this morning its more of a question – why did I feel that way while stood in the supermarket on Thursday?

So the story to start with….

I was in the supermarket yesterday looking at winter jackets – I have my coat from last year but was looking for something lighter weight that I can just throw over a jumper (whereas my winter coat is too big and gets in the way when I’m driving).

Anyhoo so I’m stood there trying on a size bigger like my Mum always suggested so that I could wear it over jumpers. There’s a girl there trying to squeeze into a Size 10 over a chunky jumper. Her Mum suggests that she tries on a Size 12 and she goes into a teenage hissy fit. Oh my goodness – I would be chuffed if I could fit into a size 12 and if I could fit in a size 10 I might faint in the middle of the store lol. I’m a size 16 and yeah it bugs me some days that I have to go for a bigger size but at least I’m comfortable. Right?

Interestingly, this morning when I got up and started reading some blogs, Danielle had posted a link to Single Dad Laughing. Now I went off to read it and at first I thought it was a big strange what Dan was writing about but towards the middle and then to the end it became clearer and clearer.

The theme of Dan’s post is how often it’s Men in our lives that make us feel worthless, whether it’s drooling after some *hot* girl or getting distracted by the men’s magazines (on a separate note why are all the film magazines next to those in the store – it’s kinda embarassing?!?!) But Dan turns the opinion upside down and points out how he’s going to try and be a better guy. I posted it on Facebook so that my friends could have a read and one of my friends has already said thank you to me for posting the links so please take the time to go for a read.

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