A Swap

So occasionally I come by and ramble on about my favourite Swaps or one that I’ve taken part in.

This time I am swinging past to plug one that I am hosting. 

You can find it here.

For each swap you write a description and this is the one from my swap: 

I was part of the original swap by @erinbit I love the swap and with her permission I’ve asked her if I can host it and carry it on.

I got a Scouts T-shirt before and I love it – I wear it lots!!!!!

(So rather than re-write the description I’ve copy and pasted from her swap so that I don’t miss an important detail)

For this swap you will go to your local Goodwill or thrift store and find a t-shirt for your partner in their size. (If you and your partner wear the same size you are allowed to send something from your closet.) Try to find a really interesting shirt with a funny logo or picture. Also try to stay away from anything too plain or boring. We’re looking for fun and random here!!

A few quick rules: These shirts will be used, but they MUST be in good condition. They must be clean and without stains or holes. Don’t send your partner a shirt that you wouldn’t wear yourself.

Please post what size t-shirt you would like to receive in the comment section below. You may also list only ONE color that you do not like to wear. We don’t want to make things too complicated for your partner.

You will have about three weeks to shop before the deadline. You shouldn’t have to spend any more than $2-$5 on the shirt itself.

*This will be an international swap.

*Newbies allowed with a completely filled profile.

*For everyone else, a 4.5 and no recent no-sends.

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