A Week in Disneyland Paris – Monday

Following our weekend, exploring Paris some more. It was now time to head onto the second part of our adventure. We were off to Disneyland Paris or as it had been called in our house “Mickey’s House”. It’s only taken me since May to catch up! A Weekend in Paris

Getting to the Park

The great thing about Disneyland Paris is the transport links. The train station is right in the middle of the Disneyland Paris area. There is a Eurostar service that comes directly into this station as well as the RER Ligne A service. From the station, you can then get shuttle buses to and from the hotels. There’s also a coach that runs to Charles de Gaulle airport. This should have been straightforward but because the train we got on stopped at Torcy (four stops away from the park) we had to get off and wait for the train that would take us the rest of the way. The train seemed to take ages to come by which point we were all getting a bit grumpy.

On our arrival at Marne-la-Vallee Chessy, we followed the signs to find the Disney Express desk. Now, this was something I’m glad Chris had looked into. We were able to drop the luggage that we didn’t need for the day at the desk and they would transfer it to our hotel later in the day. This was a great idea because it meant that we could have the Monday in the park without having to drag our suitcase with us (and then try to guard it while we were on rides etc).

Monday in The Park

Having dropped off our cases we headed into the park. This was very exciting and I wanted to get that first feel of Main Street. As we arrived the “Pirate and Princess” parade was happening right in the middle of Main Street. Rather than try to get along Main Street, we ducked into one of the arcades and escaped the crowds. This actually meant that we would meet our first character. Unexpectedly as we came out of the arcade we spotted Eeyore. As the queue wasn’t very long, we decided to queue for our first Character Meet. When we were the second in the queue, the actor playing Eeyore had to take a break. Jaxon was really good and waited his turn.

Hannah and Jaxon meet Eeyore at Disneyland Paris

Nearly all the day was spent doing rides, we headed to Discoveryland which included the Star Wars rides and some Toy Story ones. We first went on Orbitron, followed by the Nautilus. These were both Jaxon suitable (and Mummy suitable!). After this, we temporarily split up for one ride. Chris went on Star Tours by himself while Jaxon and I looked around the Star Wars themed shop. Jaxon was just about tall enough for Star Tours/ However, we wanted to check that the ride itself was okay for him.

An Adventure to Guest Services

When Chris came off, I was going to take my turn on Star Tours while they went to get in the queue for Autopia given how long the wait was for it. I took some video clips to show my brother but then realised that I had lost one of the tickets. I retraced my steps back through the queue line and then around the areas we had been. However, I think the Cast Members on litter picking were being extra organised and had already scooped up the ticket for the bin.

I went to Autopia and waited for the boys to come off. They were still in the queue and Chris could see me from where I was stood. He texted me to see if I was okay and I explained what was going on. I explained that I had lost the ticket and I was kind of upset at my own stupidity. While the boys explored the park a little more, I went to Guest Services to try and get the ticket reissued.

Chris looked at the Disneyland Paris app and told me where the nearest Guest Services was. The first one I went to was inside the park. The Cast Member I spoke to had a look to see if it had been handed in as lost property. He came back a few moments later and no it hadn’t been handed in. He then said that I needed to go to Guest Services just outside the park. At the second Guest Services, I spoke to a lovely lady called Raquel. She had to do various bits to make sure that the tickets I did have in my hand were official ones. She then called the hotel to make sure that we did indeed have a booking there.

It took a few moments to get all the bits together to be able to reissue the tickets but Raquel was really lovely and helpful. There was a minor hiccup in the system so it wasn’t entirely working the way it should have. However, Raquel came up with an idea and it meant that she could reissue the ticket. YES! Thank you lovely Raquel!

Back into the Park

Once I was back in the park, I went to find the boys. They had been on Autopia and then Nautilus again then had taken up residence in Videopolis. Jaxon was watching clips of Star Wars animations on a big screen. While they carried on watching the videos, Chris despatched me to take my turn on Star Tours. After my turn, we went to Starport to meet Darth Vader. This probably would have been more interesting to Jaxon if he had known who Darth Vader was but we had a good time. It was a bit surreal especially as the person playing Darth seemed to be very tall!

Following food at Plaza Gardens it was 5 pm and time for the Disney Stars Parade show. Apart from on Friday, this was the only day that we stopped in one place to watch the parade – and this time we stayed for the whole parade. Jaxon was very excited and when Mickey waved at him, he nearly exploded!

After the Parade

After the parade, we completed a lot of rides and attractions including the Dragon’s Lair, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Lancelot’s Carousel and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Between various bits going on, at this point I went for a sit-down. I think the cold/wet was making my joints hurt and really I needed to sit down somewhere and warm up properly. While the boys went to do Pinocchio and It’s a Small World, I sat down in Videopolis and tried to get comfortable. When I realised my phone was running low on battery and the battery charger wasn’t working, I decided to go and find the boys (And go through the pain!)

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