So after watching Strictly Come Dancing, it was time for Kewey to head back home 🙁

This was the moment I have been dreading all weekend. That is that as soon as I close the door and she left for home I would fall to pieces. ATM I don’t feel like I am going to fall to pieces but I still have to get up for work in the morning which could throw me big time.

I am so tempted to go to work in my jeans in the morning just because I don’t have the energy to dress up smart. (I think we have a team meeting in the morning so it would be good that I went in and stayed for that even if Big Cheese sends me home again). I’m reluctant just to call in because I don’t know if I can’t be bother because I can’t be bothered or I can’t be bothered because I am grieving and it’s still getting to me – if it was to go on this morning at church it would be the second but I think it’s more of the first.

Anyhoo so the rest of the afternoon we had cell this evening and it was about Hearing from God. It was really good as we spent time praying for each other and speaking over each other and stuff which was awesome! I had this feeling that I needed to pass on some advice that my best friend Brains gave me at Upper School to one of the lads in my youth group and he said that it was really good advice and it was kinda what he needed to hear.

After cell we went to Dave’s which was good fun. It was interesting though when he smashed a glass behind the door it made a really random smash noise.

As we left to come back to the church building it started raining and just got heavier as we got back to church (I guess it was good though it christened my new hoodie – I was wet on the outside but I was warm and dry inside my hoodie!

So now it’s 11:30pm ish and I’m watching The Results from Strictly I can guarantee that the people who should go won’t get sent home.

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