Church – Part Two

So I got to church, which was okay but I sat on the front row next to Mrs Mow Mow as soon as I saw her I just started to cry!

Princess Nat was there as well and she came running up to me and gave me a hug. She then went back to her dad and I sat down. I heard her Dad say to her give Hannah a hug. So Princess Natalie came back and gave me another hug – it was just what I needed.

I sat for most of the worship time in silence as I really didn’t feel like singing.

We had a minute silence in church this morning as it is Remembrance Sunday today. I didn’t have a poppy though. In all the issues of this week, I missed getting one.

Our series at the moment at church is about Justice, so there’s a bit about Human Trafficking, Fair Trade, Global Warming and some other bits.

Serena and Kewey arrived at the end of church, to collect me – we hung out for a little while with Princess Nat and various other people. It was just what I needed it was so good to see them two from uni hanging out with Princess Nat who is a friend from church. Princess Nat thought they were fab and the best thing!

Anyhoo so after church, we went to see Sarah to say thank you for everything she did the for the Reunion but unfortunately, she wasn’t in. So we stood and chatted to Spinney which was cool. I do feel kinda rubbish for missing out but then again I really didn’t feel like it with all the stuff that has happened this week.

So after seeing them, we headed home to drop Chris off, and then went for lunch. It was good to have lunch just with Kewey and Serena. I haven’t seen Serena since our interesting trip to Sheffield back in September for Kewey’s Birthday.

After lunch, Kewey and I dropped Serena in town so that she could meet her friend Emma as they were going shopping. We came back to the flat to watch Strictly Come Dancing from last night and we all put in our two pence about who rocked and who sucked. I think that Jon really should go but he’s like the comedy sympathy case! I think the other person would be Heather.

What did we do next……?

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