And To Finish…

One of my favourite blogs in the whole wide world  (Yup that much) is Today’s Letters. I think I’ve written about then before and more than likely will mention them again but they are just soooo lovely! Em is the main author but Mr L. is going to author the Friday post each week which is super exciting (Fist pumps and leg kicks for that!)

Em and Mr L.

So anyway my point was that this post to finish the day is in the style of Today’s Letters.

Dear Dad… You sent me a silly email today and it made me smile while I was fed up. Thank you. Dear Fire Bell… I get the point that you are there as a safety measure but do you have to be so loud! You were hurting my ears. Dear Caz… You give super hugs and I don’t think I said thank you for standing out in the street in your slippers with me yesterday. So thank you lovely one. Dear Rubot… Thank you for your email this morning – there is something about waking up to an email from you that makes dragging my butt out of bed so worth it! Dear Kiwi… I am so glad that you got your promotion and I’m glad that you liked the cake! Dear Chris… I sat in bed yesterday and made a deal with you about making sure we do one thing each day to make the other one feel special. Yesterday was like a test run when I made you tea (here’s hoping your not at home praying to the loo!), scrambled eggs and toast – okay so the toast was burnt but it was good all the same. What do you think? Can’t wait for today’s mission lol. The above picture was one of the best when we were playing in the garden with the boys earlier.

(If Em doesn’t mind me adopting and attributing this format to her every week I might do it on a Thursday/Friday)

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