AtoZ Challenge: C is for…Crochet

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C is for…Crochet
For as long as i can remember my Mum always had a project on the go whether it was on her sewing machine sat at the dining room table, or knitting in front of the TV or cleverly crocheting something out of some yarn and a hook that probably looked like a method of torture than something used for something as peaceful as crochet!

I remember being taught cross stitch and how to sew – both of which came fairly easy, I’d watch my Mum and pick it up. Knitting and crochet however were another story.

I think I was first taught knitting when I was about 16 – I’d get the hang of it when Mum showed me but then I’d put it down and by the time I’d gone back to it I would have forgotten again and would ask for the hundredth time “How do I do it?”, Eventually it would stick and I got the hang of knitting and (Eventually!) purling. With crochet it was worse, I was so busy trying to mimic how my Mum crochets that I’d always be tense and uncomfortable. Eventually I got the hang of it and realised, like writing and things like that you have to get the hang of how you do it and how you find it comfortable.

About 18 months ago, Mum sat with me and taught me how to crochet, I don’t know what it was this time but it clicked – something just fell into place and I did it. So far there’s been no stopping me. I’ve now crocheted four baby blankets, a number of squares for a giant blanket that was made to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, a tetris blanket and most recently I’ve been working on baby blanket for Blueberry.

Our Sidekick's Blanket

K's baby blanket

Another Baby Blanket

Tetris Blanket

J's Blanket

Blueberry's first blanket

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