AtoZ Challenge: D is for…Dreams

AtoZ Challenge

Today’s letter for the AtoZ Challenge is…D

D is for….Dreams

On one of my pin boards on Pinterest there is this photo…(unfortunately there isn’t a source link on it, if someone knows where it is from please let me know so I can credit it properly).

Lots of my dreams are for my baby, what he or she will be like when they arrive, whether he or she will take after me or Chris, will he or she look like my side of the family or Chris’s. I look like my Mum’s side – I have dark hair and dark eyes like my Mum and Grandma (actually my cousin has dark hair and dark eyes too – when we were younger we looked like siblings).

I also have dreams for Our Sidekick. I hope that he’ll be happy whatever he ends up doing, that if graphic design and art is his passion that he’ll follow that. I hope that he’ll one day find a lovely girl and they will encourage each other to be the best they can be like I hope Chris and I do and that he’ll have his own family one day if that’s right for him.

I dream that Chris and I will be happy for many many years, I’m sure we’ll have fallings out and disagreements across the years but I hope that one day, we’ll see Blueberry graduate university of they decide that’s what they want to do and that if Blueberry is a girl, Chris will get to walk her down the aisle like my Dad did for me and then we’ll be chasing Blueberry’s kids round the garden and winding them up like crazy before sending them home (that’s the job of a grandparent right?).

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