AtoZ Challenge: G is for…God

A to Z Challenge

G is for….God

My Grandma is one of my biggest role models. Through her whole life she’s trusted God that he’d provide and that he has a plan for her.

On Tuesday I saw her at the coffee morning at the church my parents and my grandparents attend. It’s funny that my rota day off in the week because of my Saturday shifts actually coincides with the coffee morning. It means I get to see my mum and my grandparents all in one day. We sat around the table this week chatting about how God provides and often provides at just the moment that you need it. Our circumstances changed at Christmas and it was exactly what we needed at that moment it time.

My mum sat at the other end of the table and got out my two scan pictures so show off. She’s so excited about her new grandbaby. Mum started knitting various bits and pieces and I’ve been crocheting ready for baby to arrive.

Each time I hear baby’s heartbeat and see baby fidgeting away on the monitor at my scans a certain bible verse pings into my brain, it’s from Psalm 139 and it says “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

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