AtoZ Challenge: H is for…Hello Baby (aka Dear Blueberry – 28 Weeks)

A to Z Challenge

H is for….Hello Baby


Hello third trimester. Here we go! So today I went to see the midwife, all sorts to check up on. While sat in the waiting room, I bumped into my Grandad who was there collecting some bits for Grandma. I got my results from my glucose test frm last week – that was all good, there was also a test for my iron levels which were also normal (yeah!).

I had a trainee midwife for some of my appointment, she had a feel of my bump and measured it (normal range again!), she worked out that either baby’s head or baby’s bottom was just under my ribs on my right hand side. I had to have my anti-d injection which made my arm hurt for a few minutes. She asked did I want a warning or should she just go ahead, I said just go ahead. She gave me the injection and my arm bled a little bit and some of the injection dribbled down my arm so she had to grab a swab thing to soak up the blood/injection combination. After having my injection, I had to be weighed. The midwife was very impressed that I’d only put on about 2.5kg (6ish pounds) since my booking appointment just before Christmas. I think it’s the most normal I’ve ever been!

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