AtoZ Challenge: I is for…Interests

A to Z Challenge

I is for….Interests

Originally I had planned a different post but between life generally taking over my week seemed to run away so technically I’m writing this on Sunday and then back dating it.

So I decided to change it to interests.

Knitting and crochet are both activities I’ve watched my Mum and my Grandma’s do as I’ve grown up. It took my Mum a few (patient!) attempts to teach me to knit and for quite a long time all I could do was knit rather than purl. Eventually I got the hang of purling and happily switch between the two.

My lovely friend Judit from Monster Yarns keeps attempting to encourage me onto something more complicated like a jumper or a cardigan rather than sticking with scarves or cowls!! She’s right I need to get out of my comfort zone and try something new!

Whereas knitting I picked up fairly quickly (in the scale of things) but for a long time crochet wouldn’t stick. I couldn’t get the hang of it. Then about two years ago Mum sat down and taught me again and some how this time it did stick. I wrote about learning to crochet in more detail here.

Blogging and Social Media
I’ve been blogging for about eight or nine years now. Originally it started as trying to learn a new skill I’d found a website where I could build my own site but it was really basic and full of ads that I had no control over. Somewhere along the line Chris started teaching me how to write HTML and then got me onto WordPress and my first blog was born. As the years have gone it’s between tweaked and changed and this is the current incarnation (which still isn’t quite right! My fonts seem to be having a stupid moment!!)

Social Media is a newer thing. I joined Twitter about seven years ago and I think Facebook was somewhere around that too. I think I was on both before they properly took off here in the UK but the thing was because there wasn’t really anyone I knew on them I signed up for the accounts and didn’t really do anything with them. In an ideal world if I did need to go back to work after Blueberry is born I’d love to be able to run my own business doing social media for other companies – but where on earth would I start? I sort of had something happening as a part time gig but for one or another reason it didn’t work out. Maybe I need to start jotting down ideas and chat to some of those entrepreneurs out there that I chat to on twitter and other networks. Maybe they can help me.

I am a cinema nerd. Well at least I always thought I was but one of my colleagues at work is even more of a nerd than I am. He has a verging on encyclopaedic knowledge of who won Best Picture at the Oscars and in which year and then the films that the Best Actor then appeared in and all sorts of things.

I tend to stick to the same genres but am trying to broaden my horizons. I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a little while ago as it’s available on Netflix. It was okay but again threw another twist on what vampires can and can’t do. (They don’t sparkle a la Twilight but apparently the vampires can cake on sunscreen and go out in the sunshine…..seriously, are you kidding me?). I also quite like foreign film. I watched one called “It’s OK I’m a Cyborg” which is a Korean film. It was really random and quite quirky but still quite good.

Reading Books
I am a book worm. I haven’t been as good at reading this year as I have in others. I’m almost finished book 4 or 5 of the year. Oh dear. I really need to get a move on. I am currently reading The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen. It’s really grim in some places but it is a crime novel so kind of expected!! I’ll either read the next one in the series if I can get it on my kindle app or drag the boys to a book shop during the week.

Right about to run out of charge in my phone. Might be time to to find a charger and go read.

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