Awesome Ladies Project – What is Your Job? 

ALP Creative Team

What’s your job? Do you have an outside the house job? Do you have more than one outside the house job? Do you have inside the house jobs? What is work for you? Maybe it’s a place you go everyday? Maybe it’s a project you work on? Maybe it’s taking care of outhouse people, old people or sick people at home or at their home. When you think of the work they you have to do on a day to day basis, what does that look like for you?

My main job is being a full time mummy to Jaxon. I then have my business which is called Daisy Media. I work as social media consultant/manager working with other small (and not so small) businesses to manage their social media accounts. This last week I’ve tweeted about compost, a food festival, a car offer, weddings and football matches. Definitely a mixed bag that’s for sure! I work mainly at home caring for Jaxon but when he started preschool I’ve been able to work outside of our home which I think I had helped me not to be such s hermit!

Then there’s my harder but most rewarding job. Being a mummy. I’m a foster carer to Our Sidekick who is 17 and 6 foot tall now! Then I’m Mummy to my 2 year old ball of energy. In fact without Jaxon coming along I don’t think I would have taken the leap to be my own boss. I would have probably stayed in my temp job as long as they needed me or would have moved onto something more permanent by now.