Planner Love: Meadowgate Traveler’s Notebook

I have a bit of a growing collection of planners now. However, I do find that I keep coming back to the traveler’s notebook set up. It definitely seems to work better for me especially as I can combine it with Bullet Journalling. I like that I can swap out each insert and come up with a setup that works just for me.

The Traveler’s Notebooks I Have Already

I’ve had a blue Midori for a while and purchased a wide size camera print Lyradori. I’ve also drooled over the choices at Chic Sparrow but never quite justified the cost of shipping from the US to the UK. (I kept looking at an American Deluxe or a Mr. Darcy having seen them on Ali’s YouTube Channel)

The regular size is great for fitting in my handbag or tucking into my laptop bag when I head to 44 Harpur Street or a coffee shop to work while Jaxon is at Preschool. I tend to use it for journalling but once I figure out what diary layout I want I might put my diary back in it. I happened to find my old Midori diary inserts that I had purchased towards the end of last year so I got out the diary for July to December and the one that I had started 2017 in. It took a bit of time to get them in an order that would work for me but I think I am settled for now. Just need to keep playing and see what works.

I’ve been looking at the A5 but it’s close to £60 so I think I need to wait for a sale or ask for it for Christmas.

Meadowgate Traveler’s Notebook

This colour is the Deep Violet on the website. Depending on the light it seems to come up different in each picture. It’s a very red purple and almost a wine colour.

Deep Violet Snowbell Deluxe from MeadowgateWhat I like about this TN over the Midori is that it has these pockets in the front. I can imagine having my business cards tucked in there for taking to networking meetings. With the Tweetup, next week, I might have to make sure my business cards are in the front ready and waiting if I need to hand them out.

Currently, I have four inserts in here. I did use the extra bands that I had to try and see if I could fit in more inserts. It was possible to get the inserts into the cover. However when I tried to then reopen it after closing it the inserts where moving and would eventually probably wiggle themselves out. Also, it was really hard to write in the first and last inserts because of the rest in the middle. I do like the “crammed” planner look but with rings, they heavy if out have too much in it. I have an A5 Filofax that has a week to a view set up but it’s columns split into Morning/Afternoon/Evening for the days rather than horizontal rows for the day which I definitely do prefer as I used to always struggle to find a diary that had a big enough space on a Sunday for all the church bits I used to try and fit in.

Inside the front cover of my Meadowgate Traveler's Notebook.In the back of this one, there is also this pocket. I currently have some pictures tucked in that back pocket as I work on my journal. Since taking this picture I’ve actually changed the setup. Originally I had this yellow insert in the front, this is my current journal. Behind it, I then had my Reading Log and a blank Traveler’s Times insert. Behind that, I had another journal that I’m working on. This back one is made up from the various journals I kept when I was pregnant with Jaxon. As I write up each entry I’m able to add photos that I hadn’t thought of adding before. I’m hoping to redo the scrapbook I made when Chris and I went to Amsterdam. It’s currently a large sketchbook but it’s a bit big for storing whereas a journal this side would be easier to look after.

Inside the back cover of my Meadowgate Traveler's Notebook

I received my Meadowgate by swapping a different planner with someone on a group on FB. Having had a look at the price it would have been, I would have definitely considered saving up for one. (Part of why I’m drooling over the A5 ones!).

If you’re looking for a leather traveler’s notebook from a UK Etsy Seller rather than a US one. Take a look at Meadowgate’s store – you won’t be disappointed I’m sure!

You can find Mike’s website here along with his shop here.

This isn’t a sponsored post – I just wanted to share my love of my new TN. 


  1. Mike says:

    Hi Hannah,

    Great to see you’ve managed a swap and now own a Meadowgate Snowbell cover! I’m very pleased you are liking it.

    Just a heads-up for everyone – all the journal covers I make now use the ‘max’ dimensions, so you’d probably get more in straight off, but free of charge, purchasers can upgrade to either ‘ultra-max’ or even ‘Xtreme’ overhangs if they think they’ll be wanting to cram huge amounts inside.

    Order the ‘Xtreme’ with care though, it gives a crazily large overhang! 🙂

    Thanks again Hannah for such a lovely review. I hope the cover gives you many more years of pleasure and use.

    Best wishes,
    Mike @ Meadowgate Leather

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