Awesome Ladies Project – What’s in Your Bag?

This week’s prompt is…

What’s in your bag? No matter what kind of bag you carry around, whether it be a purse, a tote bag, a diaper bag, a backpack etc – the things that you keep inside are a part of your story. Maybe you have a ton of book in your bag. Maybe you have lots of papers or candy or makeup. Maybe you’re a minimalist and only carry around the essentials. Whatever you choose to tote around with you tells a great story of who you are right now.

ALP Creative Team

This week involved a bit of planning, how was I going to show everyone what was in my handbag. Well, that started while Jaxon was eating his tea. What you can’t see from this picture is him sat in his chair over my right shoulder. He’s a bit bemused because I’m kneeling on the floor with a pile of bits from my bag. Then I’m lining them up all neatly to make sure I can get them all in one photo.

My friend always joked when I was at school that I was going to be a great Mum because of the random things I had in my school bag. You need a snack I probably had something. You needed a tissue – it could have been loo roll but I would have had it. Now I’m actually a Mum and my bag still resembles that level of preparation some days. Now Jaxon has his separate changing bag I don’t have to carry all the bits for him in my handbag too!

I do still carry three little toys with me as emergencies along with a snack because you never know when lunch might be running late – especially now we take the bus or walk places most days.

Sorting out my handbag for the picture has it’s benefits. It meant I could get rid of all the crumbs and debris that had been gathering in my bag. I am really liking this bag as it has two big pockets inside which means I can kind of divide up my stuff between the two and it’s less to try and dig through when I’m trying to find something!

Do you have a particular favourite handbag? What do you carry in your handbag?