Us @ 9 (well 11ish)

I realised that on our wedding anniversary, I forgot to post about us. I think life was getting crazy busy and it didn’t happen. So I’m posting today. It’s the 11th anniversary of you proposing to me.

Our Family
Will we do anything to celebrate? I don’t think so but I thought I’d share some bits that crossed my mind.

  • We’ve lived in four different flats or houses. Along with a week or two where we lived in separate placed. Mine involved me sleeping on the floor of my parent’s dining room.
  • We have gone from just us to having a family. Our Sidekick kind of crept up on us and then got stuck. When he needed us we stepped in and did what we could to help. I’m not sure he realises how much we do for him some days but I know that I only realise now (well in these 11 years) how much My Mum and Dad did for me when I was a teen and how thankful I should have been when I wasn’t. We also have Jaxon our little ball of crazy toddler energy. It’s not always been easy but we do what we can to make sure we stick it all together.
  • You’ve done crazy adventures all over the place but I’ve only been involved in a couple. I usually end up being support crew in some method. Jaxon was part fo the support crew too but note to us, next time we have 12ish week old let’s not go for a field trip to the other end of the country!
  • You looked after me heaps after I had a caesarian section – well Jaxon decided to be awkward didn’t he! (His birth story)
  • We had our second longest time apart (since getting married). The first was when you went to India. That was over our first Wedding Anniversary. I had expected not to speak to you while you were away. On our anniversary, you borrowed a phone and rang me at work. My colleague answered the phone and at first, I didn’t believe them! This year it was Malawi and Zambia.
  • It was the longest time that it’s been just me and Jaxon too. The worst bit was when Jaxon was sick because I really needed an extra set of hands and I didn’t have them. Then I was ill with the bug he had, thankfully I got over it quicker than him. It really crossed my mind to ring you to get you to come home. (In the end, I texted my Mum and then gave myself a good talking too!)
  • Jaxon started preschool and it just happened that because of when you got back from Malawi, you were able to be present on his first day. We got out the car, he took your hand and pretty much dragged you into the building.
  • You’ve been dreaming about mad adventures and I’ve applied for Jaxon’s first passport. First off we have a trip to the seaside. Hopefully, the weather is nice. Something makes me think it’s Jaxon’s first trip to the seaside but I’m not sure if that’s right or not.

Life has had it’s ups and it’s downs. There have been occasions when calling it quits and walking away might have crossed our minds but it was never acted upon. Here’s to the next lot of crazy adventures.

You, Me, Us